Monday, August 14, 2006

Babe of the Day: Mehreen Raheal

Considering its Pakistan's independence day today, we've chosen for the first time a Pakistani BOTD - too bad I can't find too many pictures of her but
here are some (alongwith some other Pakistani models)

Oh and Happy Independence Day.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Curtain Raiser

FA Cup winners Liverpool face Premiership champions Chelsea in the FA Community Shield at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff today.

Most would say its pretty much a meaningless game, however I do believe it would act as a major morale booster going into next week - a perfect start so to say, something that we missed last season.

Its also a test for Rafa's improved side... I do hope we play better than we did against Haifa.

Prediction: 1-1 in full time / Liverpool victory on pens.

Surprising fact of the day:

Did you know that Jose Mourinho preferred Liverpool over Chelsea?

'I think Chelsea is a complicated club because there is a lot of money but an enormous pressure to win something soon. Do you think it's bearable to keep this crazy investment and not to win something? I think not. I think the money will stop entering the club if they fail to win anything.'
says Mourinho.

'Liverpool over Chelsea, no doubt about it,' he added.
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