Thursday, May 03, 2007

'You must be Strong!!!'

NOTE: The following report is from SKYNEWS, The S*N's parent company. We at do NOT encourage you to read this disgraceful publication run by c*nts - as not only is it full of shit, their front page coverage of Hillborough printed number of lies about the disaster, causing outrage and anger among not just the victims's families but also Liverpool's residents (and football fans all over the world). Read the bit about Hillsborough on*n

Liverpool hero Jose Reina feels his strength is helping him on his way to becoming a 'great' goalkeeper.

Reina's two saves in Tuesday's penalty shoot-out against Chelsea took Liverpool into a second UEFA Champions League final in three years.

His spot-kick prowess also helped The Reds to win last season's FA Cup final, although Reina puts his record down to 'luck'.

However, the Spaniard believes his mental toughness is playing a key role in establishing him as one of the game's top keepers.

"My penalty record is down to luck, but you have to like football too," said Reina in The S*n. (WTF)

"The more you watch games, the more information you learn. Ahead of the Chelsea game I didn't do too much different than I would normally do, but it is important to know what their players do at other moments.

"It depends always on the situation of the game. There are many things. But I won't say too much more because that is my secret.

"To be a great goalkeeper - and that is what I am trying to be - you must be f*cking strong. Excuse me for using that word.

"Your mistakes are magnified and, at a club like Liverpool, more so. Every one is seen as the end of the world and you have to be very strong mentally to ignore that.

"But throughout my career I have had to be strong. The start of this season was like that and when I had to leave Barcelona for Villarreal it was the same. I learned a lot from that experience." SkyNews

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Banners for Athens: Part 1

Reds warming up before the game


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Quote of the Day

"I guess when you've invested £500million, it's a fantastic season

to win the League Cup."

Liverpool Cheif Rick Parry, to Jose Mourinho

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Bye Bye Mourinho...

Although Liverpool won the game, were the only team that scored, had another disallowed, hit the woodwork and after 30 minutes had enjoyed 79% possession, I think clearly Mourinho is justified in saying that Chelsea were the better team and were the only ones trying to win the game. What an arsehole.

I think he will leave Chelsea now. Over the last week he's had rants targeted at Liverpool and Man U that were almost childish in their incoherence and as a result he has lost the league to one and been knocked out of Europe by the other. He's definitely lost his aura now. He's just a whining little maggot.

I do feel sorry for the likes of Drogba, Robben and Ferreira though, as the effort they put into some of their diving was truly heroic.

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The Special One

Roman are you watching?

The COOLEST man at Anfield

Loved watching Rafa on the grass, chillin, calm as fu*k. Imagine the message it gives his players, the confidence, the belief, the calm... Compare that with that headless chicken Jose Mourinho, running around screaming his instructions to his players, pointing towards the sky and whatnot.

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A direct quote from the columnist on the chelsea website

"Do they train for it? You would have to assume so: all summer, I would reckon, and then on into the winter and spring. Two European Cups, one FA Cup, one League Cup - all nicked on penalties. That's an extraordinary amount of penalty-based plunder for one football team.

Also, one FA Cup semi-final, and now one Champions League semi-final. Amazing. They've got a record to be proud of there.

And incredible, the rewards a team can accrue without ever needing to be ahead in a match. The European Cup Final against AC Milan in 2005? Liverpool were never ahead, but they nicked it. The FA Cup final last year against West Ham? Liverpool were never ahead, but they nicked it. The Champions League semi-final last night? Liverpool were never ahead but they nicked it. "
Full Article
All of Red Rom's roubles couldn't buy a fantasy writer of these proportions. Brilliant theory though. "We tried to win everything and in winning nothing, we should all bevery proud."Some might term that "complete failure" but there you go

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The Agonies of John Terry: Vol 2

Just how sad does he look in this

After the '05 CL semi:

"But at 80 minutes I started to panic and when I saw the clock going to 88 minutes, my eyes started filling up with tears. When Eidur Gudjohnsen's shot somehow went out into touch in the last minute of injury time I can't explain quite how I felt. It was like everything went from my body. We had had one more chance. This was it. And then it was all gone in a split second.

I was distraught after the game. I didn't know what to do with myself. What I couldn't quite comprehend was that for the second year in succession, we had lost a Champions League semi we were supposed to win.

For the second year in succession we had got so close to the final, the match that is the Holy Grail for every professional footballer, and then we had blown it.

I wanted to run straight back down the tunnel when the final whistle went.

But I went up to Stevie Gerrard and Jamie Carragher and told them: "Go and lift it now. Go and lift it for yourself and for your club." It was hard because a big part of me just wanted to get back to the dressing room away from the cameras and the eyes of the crowd and just wallow in my despair.

When you have got grown men on the pitch crying because they have just lost something they have worked so hard for, the rawness of that can be quite shocking. William Gallas was beside himself with despair. A few of us were.

When I heard the final whistle, I broke down. I was crying. People were saying to me that it wasn't our year and our chance would come. But I was in bits. Willie and Eidur were the same. The manager came over and said "No tears again. We will have our time."

Going back to the dressing room was the lowest I have felt in football. I know when I walk in there next time, when we play Liverpool in October, it's all going to come flooding back and I'm already dreading that.

I sat there in the dressing room that night with a towel over my head, just crying.

Nobody wanted to move from their seat. We sat there for an age. No one wanted to look up, speak, move, to get up to get showered or even wanted to get changed. It was an hour and a half before the lads were out of the dressing room.

I kept thinking about something Marcel Desailly once said to me, that in the Champions League, you get one chance at it and if you don't take it, it doesn't happen. That haunted me as we drove away from Anfield".

From his autobiography. Might need an extra chapter or two.

(Thx Kennedy81)

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Semi Final Second Leg

Chelsea have Carvalho, Ballack, and Shevchenko missing. The absence of the first two is obviuosly a big blow to Chelsea, with Shevchenko's absence being a blow to us. Its amazing (and a bit sad) to see one of the world's top strikers turned into a joke by the translator.

Liverpool on the other hand have Finnan back, which will be a relief for Alonso and the rest of the squad as he provides the width and an outlet on the right which was missed in the first leg. I know a lot is being made out of our the impact our fans can have tonight, and I'm torn between going to the pub to watch it where it'll be too noisy to hear the sounds from the stadium, or watching it at home on the telly where I could hear the KOP roar. Anyone who remembers 'that semi final' two years ago will know what our fans can do, and hopefully we'll get a chance to relive that tonight.

I can see us getting an early goal as Chelsea will no doubtedly take time to get used to the incredible noise (They have to advertise in Metro to sell CL tickets, you see). Carvalho's missing which definately helps. Essien, no matter how good a player he is, won't make a good centerback. And hopefully we'll see less diving from that c*nt of a player, Drogba, who's on a yellow and another will see him miss the final (if they get there).

Overall prediction? I'll go with a 3-1 that'll include a Steven Gerrard screamer from 25 yards. Make sure you've got enough toilet roll.

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Top 5 banners you may see tonight

From the brilliant lads at RAWK:





and finally,


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Is it a bird? Is it a Plane?

No, its a 15 stone c*nt that goes down quicker than a 2 dollar hooker.

You might also wanna have a look at: Drogba - Hall of Shame

Cheers FunkyOttor

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Top 5 ways to Hustle Free Drinks

From Wisebread by Paul Micheal

I am a dangerous combination of two entities. One, I'm English and therefore love a good pint of ale. Two, I'm a tightwad, and if I can get those drinks for free I'm a happy tightwad. Here, I show you five great ways to hustle free drinks in your local bar or pub.

I must first point out that I'm in no way advocating con artists. Not at all. These are harmless pranks to play on good friends and co-workers. And dare I say it, you may even want to try them on family, maybe that wierd uncle that never buys your a Birthday gift.

The main theme of all these hustles is something called a Propostion Bet. Basically, a proposition bet is a challenge which looks like it only has one outcome...and it always favors the person placing the wager. That's because you know something the other folks don't. You know the 'challenge' is always going to go your way. Always. A show in Britain called "The Real Hustle' does these bets often as a way to show you how much fun they can be, and also how to avoid getting caught out by them. So, here we go. My Top 5 free drink hustles, in no particular order.

One - The Magic Whiskey Trick

Two- Keep It Under Your Hat

Three - Carbon Copy

Four - Measuring Up

Five - One Shot, Two Coins


Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh when the reds.......!

Watch this space for exclusive match preview and some chelski/jose-bashing tomorrow lunchtime.

Meanwhile, check out
why you should never f*ck with a lion (Not for the faint hearted)

Watch the dog chillin in the back

"Ooh look, a drink" takes sip of blood

"Tastes a bit rank, wonder what's goin on?" sees lion

"f**k THAT"


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