Saturday, November 19, 2005

Babe of the Day - Veronica Varekova

Veronica Verakova: More Photos

Defending P0RN

Let's start by sweeping away any doubt about where I stand on pornography: I like porno. I've watched porno, and I continue to watch porno. I'm not yet on a first name basis with the guys down at the local adult video store, but I'm getting there. Moreover, Rebecca and I are one of those couples that will watch porno together (until we start getting excited enough to make some pornographic moves of our own).

Now, it's not easy in this society to stand up in public and proudly state that one is a consumer of pornography. Some will smirk and assume that I'm a loser because they associate pornography with lonely middle-aged men for whom the porno is their entertainment while they spank the monkey in solitude. Others will become uncomfortable and refuse to either agree with me or condemn me (which means that they watch it too, but they don't want anyone to know). Still others (mostly the religious folks) will unleash a sermon about the evils of pornography, generalizing about the entire genre based on its worst elements, quoting the Bible, and warning of Hellfire and brimstone.

I would therefore like to submit, for your viewing, a list of common arguments in favour of banning pornography and/or shunning those who watch it, as well as my remarks on the irrationality of those arguments. Note that in virtually every argument, one can fashion an effective rebuttal by simply applying the same "logic" to mainstream television and movies:

"Pornography exploits children". Obviously, this assumes that all porno is child porno, which is a totally unreasonable generalization. I've seen a lot of porno, but I've never seen child porno. Snuff films exploit death; does this somehow mean that we should ban action movies?

Problems with P0RN

I defend our right to buy and rent pornography if we want to, but I do have one serious complaint about the porno industry: most porno is shit. The shelves of the average adult video store are full of unimaginative, poorly produced garbage which promotes arrested-adolescent ideas about how all women secretly want to be sexually dominated by rude, uncouth men. A lot of porno movies depict women who don't really appear to be enjoying themselves. But rather than proving the need to "crack down" on porno, this actually demonstrates the need to bring it out into the open. Pornography is not perceived as a mainstream product; since most consumers of pornography are males who keep it a secret from their wives or girlfriends, it is used not as a device for mutual entertainment, but as a release valve for sexual repression, frustration, or aggression.

If a man doesn't try to keep pornography secret from his wife, a lot of interesting things happen. First and foremost, he will be inclined to keep or rent only pornography which she would not find objectionable, thus giving more money to the people who produce good pornography and less money to the people who produce bad pornography. One might argue that he might start keeping "good" porn where his wife can see it and "bad" porn where she can't, but watching porno with your wife is far more enjoyable than watching it by yourself, so it's much more likely that he'll start learning what kinds of porno will turn his wife on.

If millions of couples learned to watch porno together, the purveyors of "raincoat porn" would find their income stream drying up, and their type of porn would disappear not because of censorship, but because the public simply used its buying power to push the industry in the right direction. Moreover, women might even find that they like it, particularly if they become a market force and push the shitty porn producers out of the limelight. But most importantly, it would be one less secret between couples, and you don't need a PhD in psychology to know that secrets between lovers are a relationship killer.

Unfortunately, the scenario I describe above is atypical. The majority of porno sales go to men who will watch it alone and in secret, and that's why a lot of it sucks. The Max Hardcore movies, for example, are downright awful; the women are treated badly, and Max himself is an asshole. Lots of other series are similarly bad, so it's not at all easy to find pornography that one can watch with a partner.

In search for better P0RN

Since a lot of pornography is shit, I would like to make a few
suggestions to the porn producers of North America:

  1. Enough with the female degradation already! That
    exploitative nonsense of calling the woman a whore and a bitch
    during sex is really offensive, as are those slapping,
    hair-pulling, and choking moves common to "raincoater"
    porno. Exploitative garbage such as Max Hardcore's shit movies
    merely give Bible thumping sexual puritans an excuse to make hasty
    generalizations about the entire porno industry.

  2. There are three classes of porno: the raincoater sicko crap
    (see point #1 above), the mushy quasi-softcore porno which is meant
    for easily offended women (yawn), and hardcore but inoffensive
    porno. Decent porno isn't dull like the softcore stuff, it is
    watchable by men or women, it can be kinky or even raunchy
    but it doesn't engage in female degradation, the director knows how
    to use a camera, and the audio/video quality doesn't suck. For
    examples of decent porno, see the bigger-budget European porn,
    especially the films directed by Marc Dorcel.

  3. Never spend more than 5 seconds at a time on a close-up of
    genitals during sex. We're trying to watch people having sex, not a
    damned anatomy lesson. There's a lot more to sex than genitals
    slapping against each other, but you wouldn't know that from a lot
    of the pornography out there.

  4. Show us why the people are having sex! Silly fantasies
    about the naughty nurse or the female speeder who tries to convince
    a cop not to give her a ticket are cheesy, but they're still better
    than simply starting a sex scene with two naked people who are
    already going at it.

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Dear Husband,

I'm writing you this letter to tell you that I'm leaving you for good. I've been a good woman to you for seven years and I have nothing to show for it. These last two weeks have been hell. Your boss called to tell me that you had quit your job today and that was the last straw. Last week, you came home and didn't notice that I had gotten my hair and nails done, cooked your favorite meal and even wore a brand new negligee. You came home and ate in two minut es, and went straight to sleep after watching the game. You don't tell me you love me anymore, you don't touch me or anything. Either you're cheating or you don't love me anymore, what ever the case is, I'm gone.

P.S. If you're trying to find me, don't. Your BROTHER and I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life!

Your EX-Wife


Dear Ex-Wife,

Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It's true that you and I have been married for seven years, although a good woman is a far cry from what you've been. I watch sports so much to try to drown out your constant nagging. Too bad that doesn't work. I did notice when you cut off all of your hair last week, the first thing that came to mind was "You look just like a man!" My mother raised me to not say anything if you can't say anything nice. When you cooked my favorite meal, you must have gotten me confused with MY BROTHER, because I stopped eating pork seven years ago.

I went to sleep on you when you had on that new negligee because the price tag was still on it. I prayed that it was a coincidence that my brother had just borrowed fifty dollars from me that morning and your negligee was $49.99. After all of this, I still loved you and felt that we could work it out. So when I discovered that I had hit the lotto for ten million dollars, I quit my job and bought us two tickets to Jamaica. But when I got home you were gone. Everything happens for a reason I guess. I hope you have the filling life you always wanted. My lawyer said with your letter that you wrote, you won't get a dime from me. So take care.

P.S. I don't know if I ever told you this but Carl, my brother was born Carla. I hope that's not a problem.

Signed Rich As Hell and Free!

Luis Garcia kicked Roy Keane out of football!

Luis Garcia...
he drinks sangria
he came from barca
to finish Keane
he broke the c***'s foot
with his size five boot
little luissss is really f***ing mean

Keane leaves ManUSA Buccaneers

Friday, November 18, 2005

Babe of the Day - Victoria Pratt

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Why Man Utd fans should'nt be allowed to have kids

Warning: These may give you a headache

Real-Time 3D Illusions

Beers Wallpapers

Google Official Logos

Google official logos. Loads of them. (via)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Keeping the tradition of ripping their supporters off royally, Manchester United have just released their new home kit - as modelled by Wes Brown in this pic

Also checkout the
Wes Brown lookalike

Babe of the Day - Brooke Burns

Top Ten Beautiful Behinds

Here are ten women who have put their rears in the right gear. Whether you like butts that are skinny or J Loesque, you'll agree that these babes are bootylicious. You're sure to enjoy
the show!

1. CandyLee
2. Mandy Michelle
3. Felicia
4. Anna Lieb
5. Jessica Barton
6. Angelie Almendare
7. Faith
8. Shannon Malone
9. Christina Lindley
10. Kelly Jacobs

More Top Ten Lists (Biker Babes, Internet Models, etc)

Link of the Day - Get yer kit on!

Google Earth

This guy had a unique experience while googling earth. Check it out.

Pakistan 1 - 0 England

England have narrowly lost the first test against Pakistan after an insane batting collapse. From 64-1, England collapsed all out for just 175, chasing 198 on the final day - despite having the better of the first four days. Pakistan haven't exactly fared well either, with just Salman Butt and Inzi making any serious contributions. The bowling was pretty average in the first innings, however the agressive intent was clear this morning and they did bowl brilliantly.

Andrew Miller writes

This Multan match is turning into one of the best-natured Tests in Anglo-Pakistani history. It has compromised two evenly matched sides and four hard days of competitive but scrupulously fair cricket, in front of a crowd so unpartisan that several of the locals have taken to supporting England.

Last year we saw the power that the game can wield in these parts, when Pakistan played host to one of the most cathartic Test tours in history. Thousands of Indians flooded across the border for the first time since Sachin Tendulkar was a 16-year-old debutant, and left a month later with their pre-conceptions quashed and generations of animosity forgotten.

Which is why it's such a shock to be jolted back to the present, as was the case this morning when news of the Karachi bomb blasts began reverberating around the press box. Doubt and speculation soon began filing down the phonelines, and by tea, Shahrayar Khan, the PCB chairman, was seeking to assuage doubts about the security in place for Karachi's one-day international on December 15.

"We will not allow terrorists to undermine what we know to be good," said Shahrayar during a passionate but reasoned appeal to common-sense, and as he spoke, a pair of local newsmen in the front row could be seen nodding their heads vigorously. In normal circumstances, such sycophancy would be frowned upon, but then, what wasn't there to agree to?

A recent bomb blast in Delhi didn't deter Sri Lanka's cricketers. Two bomb blasts in Lahore didn't curtail Australia A's visit. Not even the July bombings in London were enough to postpone the Ashes. Though Shahrayar was perhaps being simplistic to describe it as a "global phenomenon", he was right to underplay the impact that it would have on England's cricketers.

Having travelled within the "presidential" levels of security that accompany this tour, it's fair to say that things will be very different in Karachi in a month's time. Both this attack, and those on Christians in a town near Faisalabad, were random acts of violence at opposite ends of a vast land. The real Pakistan is the one that has turned out in their thousands in the stands, not those that have lurked in their handfuls in the shadows.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Babe of the Day - Brittany Murphy

Kazakhstan up in arms over Borat

The great and good of Kazakhstan are getting tired of having to clear up wild misconceptions about their republic. They are tired of having to insist that shooting a dog and then having a party is not a favourite national pastime and of denying that their wine is made of fermented horse urine and that women are kept in cages. They are so frustrated at the bad image which they believe the comedian behind such fictitious claims, Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Ali G), is making through his spoof Kazakh television presenter Borat that they are threatening legal action.
Full Article

Borat: MTV Europe Awards 2005 Quotes

Introduction to the show
"Welcome to the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest."

Following Madonna's performance
"That singer before me. Who was it? It was very courageous of MTV to start the show with a genuine transvestite, he was very convincing. It was only his hands and his testi satchels that gave it away."

Introducing Coldplay
"Next is one of the most famous bands in the world. We all love very much. Please enjoy... Green Day!"

Introducing The Pussy Cat Dolls
"Please prepare yourself for masturbation because next are international singing prostitutes, Pussy Cat Dolls."

After introducing Akon
(Borat whispers to little Kazkhstani child), "quick Akon's on stage, dressing room 8. See what you can take."

Introduction to Gorillaz
"There is one singer called Shakira... sorry I laugh because in Kazakhstan this word means vagina. For example, 'Can I touch your shakira?' or 'I have seen your wife's shakira, it hangs like the mouth of a tired dog."

Introducing Green Day
(Borat is dressed in a very revealing wrestling lycra costume), "Hello it is me, Freddy Mercury. I joking, he die of AIDS. It me Borat, I not a la la loo lee. The only sex disease I ever have is gonoreah. 15 times! The ladies like Borat! Now please welcome Coldplay."

Chatting to co-presenter Brittany Murphy
"Very nice. Whah whah we whah! I imagine you with no clothes. Borat is getting fat."

At the press conference
"My 13-year-old son is travelling here by foot, with his two wives and his three childrens." "If he survives the journey I have promised him that he can make penetration with Colombian prostitute Shakira."

"I look forward to meeting Jennifer Rush, Level 42 and Terence Trent D'Arbay," "Oh and the Thompson Twins."

In interview with the BBC
"My retard brother Vilo is not able to come as he is retarded and his cage would not fit on the plane."

"Unfortunately my wife was unable to leave Kazakhstan as she is a woman... this is a good news, she is a boring. High Five!!!"

"We celebrate with a men's only party in my hotel room where we will play ping pong, wrestle totally nude and shoot dogs from the balcony."

To finish the show
"To the world, I love you! Apart from Uzbekistan. Assholes."
The Unofficial Borat Site

Car Bomb hits Karachi Restaurant.

A bomb has gone off in a parked car outside a KFC outlet near PIDC at 8:30-ish this morning.

So far, there are 3 confirmed dead and about 15 injured. BBC NEWS

For more news and updated info on the Karachi blasts, visit the Karachi Metblog

Although no one has claimed responsibility yet, this attack has Al-Qaeda written all over it, powerful car-bomb targetting an American fast-food outlet, at a time when Musharraf is cozying up to the West, and specially Israel.

The only thing that strikes as a bit odd is the timing of the attack. Not many people get out of bed that early in the morning, the only people out in the streets would be those commuting to work and maybe school children. Al-Qaeda is known to try and maximise damage when they attack, and had this bomb gone off in the evening or late afternoon, the casualties would've been much much higher.

Thankfully, that isn't the case. I was at this exact location just 5 days ago when my car ran out of petrol at around 3am. Had to send my cousin in a rickshaw to the nearest petrol-station.

My prayers are with those who have suffered. Karachi has seen some serious violence in recent years but Karachiites can take pride in the fact that it never scares them. They take it on the chin and move on.

Oh and check this out (click to enlarge) from GEO News Channel this morning.

Can it get more ironic?

Monday, November 14, 2005

And I always thought he was a huge prick...

Anna Kournikova's going to be a bit upset....

'Enrique Iglesias has shocked female fans by announcing his desire tolaunch his own range of extra-small condoms. The Latin lover apparentlystruggles to find condoms that fit the 'smaller' man and wants to save thoseless well endowed from embarrassment.Iglesias was quoted in America's Houston Press newspaper as saying: "The next product I'm gonna put my name on are extra-small condoms. I can neverfind extra-small condoms, and I know it's really embarrassing for people -you know, from experience. Hopefully people won't be ashamed when I stepforward."'

Best. Thread. Ever.

Thread Title what is the sluttiest thing you have ever done


For some reason I was called a slut by a couple of people on a previous thread, obviously this might be a little upsetting. However, me and my friends occasionally swap stories about the sluttiest thing we have ever done.

So come on girls I'll tell you my very slutty experiences if you tell yours......

The Rest is History...

Kelly Brook Beach Romp Released on the Interweb

Here are the scenes she tried to get banned. NSFW



How do you make a woman hit the roof after orgasm?

Wipe your dick on her curtains

Image of the Day

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Babe of the Day - Petra Nemcova

Yes I know, weird name and I haven't heard of it either before today, but this woman is hot!
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