Sunday, September 24, 2006

Liverpool 3-0 Tottenham


Mark Gonzales 1-0
Dirk Kuyt 2-0
John Arne Riise 3-0

A fantastic attacking performance (only in the second half, mind) with great goals from Speedy, Kuyt and a Riise thunderbolt! Doesn't really score many from inside the box does he, our Riise?

I love watching Kuyt play. Excellent attitude and work rate, And to top it he has the ability, hardly ever gives it away, and looks to create outlets up the top. Took his goal excellently, and were it not for Bellers would have had a good chance with that header.

Gerrard was Gerrard. No more to say, he is the best centre mid in the country, and arguably the world. Excellent play yesterday, strong surging runs giving their left back some stick, and super play for the first 2 goals. I dont give a f**k if he is on the right or centre or roaming, he'll do it where ever.

In Agger Benitez has defo captured a good'un there.. comfortable on the ball and pushing forwards, and good in the air and on the deck. Will turn into one of the best.

No-one had a bad game exactly, except perhaps Bellamy. Missed a sitter which fortunately was pounced on. I still think he will turn out to be a good'un for us, as he does look pretty active and was unlucky not to get a goal or win a penalty. will be hoping for more from him in the future games though. He's looking a little tense when in front of goal, as he hasn't scored yet. I really think he needs to relax a little and try and enjoy himself a bit more. [Breachy]

Our Man of the match - Tough one, there were a few very good performances. Agger, Gonzalez, Kuyt, Gerrard, Garcia, Sissoko..

I'd go with Kuyt I think. What say you?
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