Saturday, February 12, 2005

Babe of the Day - Adriana Lima

Worried Boyfriend

This could become the next big story from the blogsphere, and when it does I wanna be known as one of the first ones to discover it, as selfish as it sounds :)

On a serious note: Hope things work out for this couple. If I were him, I'd call the cops, straight.

Streaker in a fast food joint

Picture this. We're sitting (4 of us) in a local fast food joint in Dubai, family area, and all of a sudden one of us gets up, strips down to his briefs and a black hat, walks up to the counter and back while everyone else in the dining area looks in shock and disbelief - A couple of people choked on their drinks, the waiters stood there mouth-open having never imagined being streaked upon in a muslim arab country, parents cover their kids' eyes and some turn away in disgust!

This happened when I stupidly bet one of our mates, FN to wear the new hat that he bought - only the hat and take a walk in the dining hall. I had about 147 quid in me pocket, put in on the table not even believing for one second that he would actually go ahead with it. But my man actually did as we sat there laughing, embarrassed and hiding our faces and then left the place before they could call the police.

Well done FN mate, you da man!

Keane & Viera bust-up video

I removed this link for some reason but then I noticed that I'm getting a lot of traffic from people looking for this video on search engines. So here it is again, the infamous Keane & Viera Bust-up Video

Birmingham V Liverpool - St. Andrews - Premiership

Birmingham host the greatest football club in the history of the game, Liverpool, at St. Andrews today in the Premiership. Elsewhere, Chelsea play Everton.
Evil D's Predictions for both games :
Chelsea 1 - 0 Everton
Birmingham 0 - 2 Liverpool
If Everton lose (ofcourse they will) and Liverpool win (ofcourse they will) today, Liverpool will close the gap on Everton to 2 points, with Everton still having to play us, Man Utd, and Arsenal. Its looking good for us and that 4th spot.
You'll Never Walk Alone!

Filming up women's skirts LEGAL in the US

The case of Jeffrey Swisher illustrates their problem. He was caught filming up the skirts of teenagers at a shopping centre in Virginia and officials were keen to put him behind bars for a long time. His punishment was 10 days in jail because a loophole in state law meant prosecutors could only convict him of disorderly conduct.

Victims of video voyeurism are often horrified to find out that what has happened to them is not even illegal in some states. Continue reading

Unborn Ad-space

The unnamed Australian pair were asking for more than £400,000 for "naming, advertising and promotional" rights to their unborn daughter. Continue Reading

Can anyone explain?


Wots goin on ! Evil D is confused as fuck!

AntiValentine Cards

Valentine SUCKS when you aint WITH your girlfriend or when you aint GOT a girlfriend. I can't wait till princess gets back from her yearly vacation with her parents :( And then I've gotta fly over to see her cuz its been more than a month already!

Long distance relationships suck, I tell ya.

But she's worth it.

Get your antivalentine cards over here

Friday, February 11, 2005

Babe of the Day - Jeniffer Ellison

Click on the headline to view more of Jenny. Can't believe Stevie G let her go. You gotta be absolutely fucking crazy to let someone like this go. For those who don't know, she's Steven Gerrard's EX and has the most beautiful pair of natural tits ever made.

Testicle torn off by ex-lover

Press Association - The Guardian
A jilted woman admitted ripping off her ex-lover's testicle with her hands after he refused to have sex with her.

Amanda Monti, 24, flew into a rage after her former boyfriend, Geoffrey Jones, 37, rejected her advances at the end of a drunken house party. She yanked off his left testicle, which was later handed to him by a friend with the words: "That's yours."


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Slavery still the norm in UAE

Dubai, where East meets West and where, if you own a construction company, you are in the money. Sorry to say that this melange of American high rise, Mayfair opulence, and Indian influence now resembles the Costa Del Sol of the 1980's. It is one big building site. The favourite saying here is "Dubai will be nice when it is finished". The meaning behind this hits you as soon as you exit the airport: a massive construction project to put in a railway system means total chaos for all those attempting to arrive and depart. This sets the scene for all the other massive construction projects over town and out to sea - yes, why not build a series of man made offshore islands resembling a map of the world just because you can?! Oh! And why not build the tallest building in the world for a laugh?! Hey! Don't forget to throw in the largest shopping mall outside the USA, complete with snow ski slope, and something akin to Disneyland next to the Formula 1 racetrack and you begin to get a picture of Dubai.

But there is a dark side. Very, very dark infact.

Almost all the construction in the Emirates has been done by cheap labour from South Asia. Most of them have been here for years, made to live in unhumane conditions (upto 12 people crammed into one tiny room). For these migrants, who came to this place hoping for a better future for their families, not getting paid for months on end is the norm. Their passports are held so they can't go back, they are beaten up, treated worse than animals basically. Many have committed suicide when they couldn't take it anymore.

Just makes you sick doesn't it. I've read so many stories of this type in the 3 months that I've been here already.

Here's one from BBC of this poor dude who killed himself cuz he wasn't paid for a few months, had debts at home in India to pay. The full story in local papers actually mentioned that he had gone to his supervisor to ask for like a fiver (less than £1) so he could get some tea or summat. But the supervisor bollocked him. The dude goes back to his room, hangs himself. Read it.

Oh and there's more. How about tying up children onto the backs of camels in races cuz the kids's screams will make them run faster. Illegally kidnapped or 'bought' children from South Asian countries. You guessed it, it is a regular practice here. Read more on

Milan : We can win Euro race

Milan Baros today declared his strike partnership with Fernando Morientes has kicked into top gear in plenty of time for the Reds to win the race for fourth place.
Evil D : Realistically looking at things, he's right. The way we've been playing under Rafa, I reckon we can do it - as long as we don't play like we did at Southampton. If the teams plays to anywhere near their potential, they should have an easy ride to No.4 - only having to face Arsenal from the top 3, while Everton have got all 3 of them to face, and then they've got us too. And I don't see any reason why we should not be able to get 3 points out of that even though we played shite at Goodison Park.
You'll Never Walk Alone!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Babe of the Day - Kylie Minogue

Officially the World's Sexiest Thirtysomething!

The Top Ten being :

1 Kylie Minogue
2 Kate Beckinsale
3 Catherine Zeta-Jones
4 Rachel Weisz
5 Davina McCall
6 Saffron Burrows
7 Liz Hurley
8 Ruthie Henshall
9 Kate Moss
10 Naomi Campbell

Personally, I'd have put CZJ on top - Kylie doesn't really do it for me :(

For all Kylie-lovers out there, here's her gallery from THE GOOSE

Anna's Naked Stalker

A homeless man who swam naked across a Miami Beach bay in search of Anna Kournikova will appear in court today.

William Lepeska reportedly yelled: "Anna! Save me!" as he was arrested a few doors down from the tennis star's Florida mansion.

The 40-year-old, who sports an Anna tattoo on his arm, is charged with stalking and burglary.

'I'll cut my balls off if Wales beat England'

'A Welsh rugby fan cut off his own testicles after his team beat England, police confirmed today. The man was rushed to hospital after the incident at Leigh Social Club in Caerphilly, South Wales.A Gwent Police spokeswoman said: "We received a call from the ambulance service at approximately 9pm on the 5th to inform us of a situation at the Leigh Social Club in which a man had indeed severed his own testicles." She said the man was taken to Heath Hospital but could not confirm his condition. It was reported that the man told his friends: "If Wales win I'll cut my own balls off." After the 11-9 victory in the Six Nations clash, the man is reported to have gone outside and severed his testicles before bringing them back into the club to show fellow drinkers. A local was reported as saying that the man was on medication and should not have been drinking' - Reuters.

From MEDIAWATCH at Football365

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

This is just soooooooooo fukkd up I swear.

Really really weird. But kinda sweet. Check this out.

Babe of the day - Maria Sharapova

For getting millions of men watching tennis who hated the sport before :) Bye Bye Anna, Hello Maria !
Thanks to The Goose

Dirty Knickers

Dirty Knickers lets you put your customised message on underwear - clearly a perfect gift for Valentine's Day.

Here's what we think the Premiership's great and good would go for on the pants of their loved/shagged ones...

1) Ashley Cole: 'Tap Me Up'.
2. Ruud Van Nistelrooy: 'Dive In'.
3. Wayne Rooney: 'You Can Take These Down For £45'.
4. Craig Bellamy: 'This c**** plays in any position'.
5. Roy Keane: 'Come And Have A Go If You Think You're Hard Enough'.
6. Sir Alex Ferguson: 'Whisky Here'.
7. Arsene Wenger: 'Do You Want To See This Incident?'
8. Jose Mourinho: 'Champion Lover Required'.
9. Harry Redknapp: Going Down?'
10 Paul Scholes: 'Come And Play In The Hole'.
11. Freddie Ljungberg: 'Are You Sure This Is Your Cup Of Tea?'

Cyberlove ends in a shock!

A lovelorn Jordanian couple who began a sizzling relationship on the internet found out they were already married to each other.

The cheating pair were on a seven-month break when they thought they had found their ideal partners on the net.

Over three months they cavorted in cyberspace, swapping dreams, making wedding plans and plotting how to leave their partners for good.

Bakr Melhem passed himself off as Adnan while wife Sanaa said she was called Jamila, an unmarried lady of culture who was interested in reading and was a devout Muslim.

Eventually they could contain themselves no longer and agreed to meet at a bus depot where the clandestine wedding plans would be finalised and their love confirmed.

It was there that the awful truth dawned on both parties - they were man and wife. The Petra news agency said Bakr turned white and screamed: "You are divorced, divorced, divorced" - the traditional way of ending a marriage.
Sanaa fainted.
The details of the case were revealed during the subsequent divorce hearing.

Comments: Let me just correct this last bit - That is NOT the correct way of divorcing in Islam. True you have to say it three times but they can't be at the same time.

I'm not highly religious at all and don't really know much about the religion but I do know that you gotta say it (i'm divorcing you) on three different occasions - just so the you both get time to think about it and maybe change your decision rather than divorcing and regretting it.

And yes, you can't divorce someone when they're pregnant. Which is very sensible.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Babe of the Day - Carolina Ardohain

Ban Comic Sans

These guys have taken it upon themselves to get this font banned - Complete with photos of misuse and statistics

Gerrard is above the money!!

Liverpool Chief Executive Rick Parry has today spoken of his desire to help Liverpool build a team around Steven Gerrard and revealed that even a 50m pound bid would not interest him in selling the club captain.

More on this story

This comes after Liverpool beat Fulham on Saturday by 3-1, Goals from Morientes, Hyppia and Baros. They are now just 5 points behind 4th placed Everton.
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