Saturday, January 13, 2007

Babe of the Day - Rachel Stevens

You Can Choose Your Friends...

...But you can't choose your family. And that's why these siblings of footballers have caused their famous relatives no end of embarrassment. F365 look at the bad brothers (and sister). And no, Zat Knight's brother doesn't get in just for breaking his jaw...

The Art of Spin (F365)

Boomed yesterday's main headline on the official Pompey website: 'Portsmouth Sign Fourth Champions League Winner'

In much smaller letters comes the proverbial hushed whisper: It's Djimi Traore.

this Djimi Traore.

Hollywood says Welcome...

Dubai Reds

With the DIC takover of Liverpool Football Club imminent, the Official Dubai Supporters Club, the 'Dubai Reds' are getting their fair share of attention. (Dubai Reds were set up last year by Bob Kabli & Russel Overy) Last Tuesday we were joined by the BBC crew at 'The Underground' pub and today ITV will be interviewing the fans about the proposed takeover. So if you see us on the telly, I'll be the one in the yellow away strip with red (dyed) hair.

Oh and by the way, the official Dubai Reds website has been revamped and is now viewable on

Le Arse!


Where should I start. I've been away on a li'l break which is why I didn't get a chance to update this (sorry). A couple of good wins against the spurs and Bolton and then the double barrel against the Arse. Despite the results in those games I don't think its all doom and gloom. The FA Cup game, we didn't actually play that bad, it was down to two defensive errors really (the 2nd and 3rd goals). The difference between us and Arsenal, from what we've seen this last week, is that despite creating chances and half chances, we've failed to put em in the back of the net. On the other hand, Arsenal created 3 chances and scored all of them on Saturday and created 7 and scored 6 on the Tuesday.

The only problem I have though is that I would've played Bellamy instead of Crouch on Saturday. The carling cup game was almost surreal though. Rafa was right to rest the key stars (we've lost Garcia, Momo and Gonzalez thanks to the Carling Cup) as that really should'nt be a priority. We need to keep everyone fit for Barca (We'll miss Garcia) and the rest of the premiership campaign. I know its a trophy and all but what would you rather have? a 2nd/3rd position finish in the league or a 5th position + the carling cup trophy? Infact, reading
Rafa's interview yesterday I've gotta say the man's spot on. Its rare to see him come out and be blunt about it but some of the reactions in the press and from fans / pundits have been over the top this week.

So what makes Rafa smile?

Interesting Goodfellas trivia

According to Maxim magazine, Pesci wrote and directed the "You think I'm funny?" scene at Scorsese's request.

The ending shot of Pesci shooting at the camera is a visual reference to The Great Train Robbery (1903), whose ending shot is of the villain, George Barnes, shooting at the camera.

Based on the book "Wiseguy" by Nicholas Pileggi. The movie was renamed to avoid confusion with "Wiseguy" (1987).

Mike Starr, who plays "Frenchy" in the film, plays the same role in The 10 Million Dollar Getaway (1991) (TV), a Jimmy Burke/Conway telling of the Lufthansa heist portion of "Goodfellas"

The word "fuck" is used 246 times in this film (mostly by Joe Pesci).

It was claimed that at the time the real life gangster Jimmy Burke was so happy to have Robert De Niro play him that he phoned him from prison to give him a few pointers. Author/screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi denies this, saying De Niro and Burke had never spoken, but admitting that there were men around the set all the time who had known all of the principal characters very well.

In the scene where Henry and Karen Hill are negotiating to enter the Witness Protection Program, former U.S. Attorney Edward McDonald plays himself, re-enacting what he did in real life.

Director Martin Scorsese's mother plays Tommy's mother. She ad-libbed the dinner scene. Scorsese's father plays the prisoner who puts too many onions in the tomato sauce.

Jimmy Burke, on whom Jimmy Conway was based, would have been eligible for parole in 2004, however, he died of lung cancer in 1996 while still in prison.

For the famous "Layla" montage, Martin Scorcese actually played the phrase of the song on the set of each scene that would have that part of the song in the final cut to set the mood of the shot.

After Joe Pesci's mother had seen the film, she told her son that the movie was good, but asked him if he had to swear so much.

The long tracking shot that ends with Henny Youngman performing had to be filmed many times because Youngman kept forgetting his lines.

The painting that Tommy's mother shows to Tommy, Jimmy and Henry, is based on a picture from the November 1978 National Geographic.

The black-and-white movie that Karen is watching on television in her house is The Jazz Singer (1927), a movie about a Jewish person trying to reconcile with his estranged parents.

The young "extra" carrying a J&B box off the truck and into the Bamboo Lounge is Glenn Taranto.

According to the real Henry Hill, whose life was the basis for the book and film, Joe Pesci's portrayal of Tommy Devito was 90 to 99% accurate; with one notable exception: the real Tommy Devito was a massively built, strapping man in contrast to Pesci's diminutive size.

When Paulie confronts Henry after Henry's released from prison, Paul Sorvino improvised the slap to Ray Liotta's face. Hence Liotta's reaction.

The part of singer Bobby Vinton was played by his son Robby. Robby lip synched to his fathers recording.

By Scorsese's request, associates of the actual people were always on the set of the film, giving helpful and essential information about the life, people, setting s and moods.

Ray Liotta spent much time with the real Henry Hill for a few months before filming started to gain an exact idea of what to portray. Since the film was released, Hill has stated in interviews that many mobsters ask him how can they have their stories told the way his was told in this film. Apparently, they've seen and enjoyed the movie.

When Karen sees Janice Rossi in the prison visitor registry, the name below is listed as "Ballibusteros".

'Frank Vincent' originally wanted the role of Paulie Cicero, which went to Paul Sorvino.

Ray Liotta listened to FBI phone-tap cassettes featuring Henry Hill while driving to and from the set.

The dinner scene with Tommy's mother was almost completely improvised by the actors, including Tommy asking his mother if he could borrow her butcher's knife and Jimmy's "hoof" comment.

Martin Scorsese wanted William L. Petersen to star in this movie, but Petersen declined.

Voted #1 in Total Film's 100 Greatest Movies Of All Time list (November 2005).

The gun Tommy shoots Spyder with is a Government 1911 type pistol in .45ACP. In the "Making Of..." Pesci says that there were fully filled .45 blank rounds in the magazine, so he would get the real feeling for the gun.

50 Weird Guiness World Records

THEY'RE weird, wonderful and often totally mind-boggling..

The most extraordinary human feats are listed in the pages of Guinness World Records, which is 50 years old this week. To celebrate, here are 50 of the strangest achievements.

1 FASTEST TALKER: In 1995, Canadian Sean Shannon recited Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquy, 260 words, in 23.8secs.

2 HEAVIEST VEHICLE PULLED OVER 100FT: This year, Derek Boyer of Australia pulled a 30.68-tonne truck-trailer combination 30.5 metres.

3 HIGHEST SHALLOW DIVE: In January, Danny Higginbottom of Louisiana dived 8.90m into 30cm of water.

4 BREATH HELD VOLUNTARILY: The USA\'s Robert Foster held his breath for 13mins 42.5secs in 1959.

5 LONGEST TIME TO ENDURE FULL BODY ICE CONTACT: Wim Hoff of the Netherlands stood in an ice cube-filled tube for 1hr 17mins in January.

6 MOST CONSECUTIVE POGO-STICK JUMPS: In 1990, Gary Stewart did 177,737 in California.

7 MOST GLASSES BALANCED ON THE CHIN: In 2001, Ashrita Furman managed 75 pint beer glasses for 10.6secs in New York.

8 MOST ONE-FINGER PUSH-UPS: In 1992, Paul Lynch performed 124 in London.

9 OLDEST PERSON TO LOOP THE LOOP: In 1998, Adeline Ablitt, 95, did a glider loop over Leicestershire.

10 HIGHEST TIGHTROPE WALK: Frenchman Michael Menin walked a 3,150 metre-high tightrope in 1989.

11 WALKING - GREATEST DOCUMENTED LIFETIME MILEAGE: Between 1969 and 2000, Arthur Blessitt of Florida, USA, walked 34,501 miles on seven continents while carrying a 3.7-metre cross.

12 HAIRIEST FAMILY: Mexicans Victor and Gabriel Ramos Gomez have 98% of their bodies covered in fur.

13 HIGHEST G-FORCE ENDURED VOLUNTARILY: 82.6g for 0.04secs by Eli L Beeding Jr of the USA in 1958. He spent three days in hospital afterwards.

14 LONGEST ATTACK OF HICCUPS: Charles Osborne of the USA - 1922 to 1990.

15 LONGEST TATTOO SESSION: In 2003, Chris Goodwill spent 33 hours tattooing Kevin Budden in Plumstead, South East London.

16 LONGEST TIME WITH A NAIL IN THE HEAD: Robin Hanshaw of Stoke Poges, Bucks, had a one-inch rusty nail stuck between his ear and eye for 22 years.

17 MOST COMPULSIVE SWALLOWER: In 1927, a Canadian woman had 2,533 objects removed from her stomach, including 947 pins.

18 MOST LIGHTNING STRIKES SURVIVED: Roy C Sullivan from Virginia, USA, was struck for the seventh time in 1977.

19 MOST PIERCED MAN: Luis Antonio Aguero from Cuba has 230 piercings.

20 MOST CHILDREN DELIVERED: American Bobby McCaughey had seven delivered by Caesarean in 1997.

21 MOST FEET SNIFFED: In a 15-year career, Madeline Albrecht sniffed 5,600 feet while working for footcare experts Dr Scholl in the USA.

22 MOST ELASTIC MAN: Pierre Beauchemin is nicknamed Mr Gumby for his ability to contort his arms and legs.

23 FASTEST BALLOON DOG MADE BEHIND BACK: Britain's Craig "Blink" Keith made a balloon poodle in 9.26secs in May, all with his hands behind his back.

24 FASTEST SPEED DRAGGED BEHIND A MOTORBIKE: Gary Rothwell of Liverpool was dragged at 156mph on 2mm titanium-soled boots in 1999.

25 MOST SPOONS BALANCED ON FACE: America's Tim Johnston, 12, balanced 15 on his face for 30secs in May.

26 HEAVIEST TRAIN PULLED WITH BEARD: Ismael Rivas Falcon of Spain pulled a 6,069lb train in 2001.

27 MOST CONSECUTIVE FOOT JUGGLING FLIPS WITH A HUMAN: In 2000, Iranian Ali Bandbaz juggled his brother Massoud for twelve 360o revolutions using his feet.

28 THE HEAVIEST TWINS: In 1978, Billy Leon McCrary weighed 51st 9lbs and his brother, Benny Lloyd, was 57st 1lbs. Both died from heart failure.

29 ORANGE NOSE PUSH: Alistair Ross pushed an orange with his nose along Brighton seafront for a mile last year.

30 MOST WATCHES EATEN: Kim Seung Do from Seoul, South Korea, ate five in 1hr 34mins in 1998.

31 LONGEST MAGGOT BATH: Christine Martin of Horsham, West Sussex, sat in a bath of them for 1hr 30mins in 2002.

32 MOTIONLESS: In 1997, Om Prakash Singh of India stood still for 20hrs, 10mins and 6secs.

33 TALLEST LIVING WOMAN: Sandy Allen of the USA, at 7ft 7ins.

34 HEAVIEST MAN: In 1978, Jon Brower Minnoch of the USA weighed more than 100st.

35 LARGEST HANDS: Hussain Bisad of Somalia's measure 26.9cm from the wrist to the tip of his middle finger.

36 LARGEST CHEST: Robert Earl Hughes of the USA - 315cm.

37 FARTHEST EYEBALL POPPER: Kim Goodman of the USA popped hers 1mm beyond her sockets in 1998.

38 MOST BODY SKIPS: In 2003, handcuffed Ved Prakash Sharma of India skipped with his arms 27 times in a minute, stepping through his arms and bringing them over his head.

39 MOST RATTLESNAKES HELD IN MOUTH: Jackie Bibby of the USA held eight live snakes by their tails for 12.5secs in 2001.

40 FASTEST TIME TO TYPE A MILLION: Between 1982 and 1998, Aussie Les Stewart typed the numbers one to one million in words.

41 LONGEST JOKE-TELLING MARATHON: In 1992, Mike Heeman of the USA cracked 12,682 in 24hrs.

42 BLINDFOLDED SPEED RECORD: Briton Mike Newman hit 164.87mph on a motorbike in Wiltshire last year.

43 LONGEST TIME ON ONE FOOT: Arulanantham Suresh Joachim of Sri Lanka balanced for 76hrs, 40mins in 1997.

44 LONGEST TIME TRAPPED IN A LIFT: Cypriot Kively Papajohn, 76, was trapped from Dec 28, 1987, to Jan 2, 1988. She lived on the food in her shopping bag.

45 LONGEST TONGUE: Britain's Stephen Taylor has a tongue measuring 9.4cm from the tip to the centre of his closed top lip.

46 STRANGEST DIET: Frenchman Michel Lotito has been eating metal and glass since 1959.

47 SHORTEST MAN: In 1990, Gul Mohammed of India was just 57cm tall.

48 MOST TENNIS BALLS HELD IN ONE HAND: Francisco Peinado Toledo of Spain held 18 for 10 seconds last year.

49 OLDEST BAREFOOT WATER-SKIER: George Blair, 87, of the USA waterskied barefoot on Lake Florence, Florida, in 2002.

50 MOST PEOPLE CRAMMED INTO A SMART CAR: 13 girls in Munich, Germany, in 1999.
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