Monday, October 13, 2008

Update on Skrtl's inury!

Rumours coming from the hospital claim he refused he claimed it was for wimps. He then operated on himself with a tin opener, whilst the surgeon held a candle so he could see.Aftet the procedure it was found they had operated on the wrong knee without anaesthetic. Martin Skrtel didn't flinch but asked them to hurry up and get the other one fixed so he could go for a jog today.As he requested before arrivial his hospital bed is made of nails and sulphuric acid and yesterday a LFC spokesman stated what everyone else already knew "Liverpool football club would like to confirm that this injuy proves that the only person hard enough to injure Martin Skrtel,

is Martin Skrtel.

Above is a picture of Martin Skrtl charging himself before a match.

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