Friday, May 06, 2005


Normal service resumes from Tomorrow

Apologies for going AWOL since that night at Anfield... It's all a drunken blur now but I won't bore you with the match reports of the Semi-Final Second leg (Although the sight of Maureen, Terry, Fat Frank and Eidur crying at the end was priceless - not even Roman could buy that!). I will however link to some of the best articles I have come across on the interweb:

Tactical Genius, Rafa Benitez

Liverpool are BACK!

What newspapers say of Liverpool's Win over Chelski

Best Quotes after the game

I watched the game at Biggles, a WW2 themed pub near the Dubai Airport, with some other scouse supporters and I have to admit the rendition of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' at the end of the controversial 6-minute extra time ('The ref was a mate of mourinho' - Carra) brought a tear to my eyes alongwith the rest of the supporters as we stood up and joined the chorus.

Despite Chelsea and many media denials to the contrary about Anfield’s atmosphere on big European nights affecting opposition players, most pundits missed the point; it may indeed not faze some of the opposition, but ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is more than just a song, but a link through history and an extra lift to the players. Hence, Jamie Carragher providing a 10 out of 10 performance.

I would like to give a big shout out for the much-maligned Djimi Traore. Not for his defensive heroics, but for the perfectly-executed right elbow onto Eidur 'I didn't dive to get your man booked, honest' Gudjohnsen. Thankfully the ref didn't see it, but that was justice done, Djimi style.

The next 3 days were at the Arabian Travel Mart, meetings with marketing directors from Nakheel, Emaar, Jumeirah International, Dubai Tourism among others. FVW Germany (a publication that we represent in the region) had a booth and I took our International sales co-ordinator Sabrina out for a drink to Irish Village last night. It's probably the best pub you'll get in the Middle East. It has a nice little garden where the irish band plays all night. I literally FORCED them to sing 'YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE' after they sneakily tried to ignore the first couple of requests. There's also a handy pond available for a quick dip to wash away the beer - Kinda reminds me of the pubs along the bank at Richmond. You won't feel like you're not in a European country.

Anywayz, back to Football, a lot has happened since THAT goal at anfield. The referee has since stood by his decision that the ball went in. Not to forget, he is the only man in the perfect position to see it since TV replayed seemed inconclusive. Mourinho the cunt has been bitching about it not having crossed the line. The man has a history of lying and cheating and I'm glad its all starting to come back to haunt him. What matters is, we're through and Chelski ain't.

In european context, its the best thing that could've happened cuz in european context, who the fuck are chelsea anyway?

Steven Gerrard has hinted he'll stay at Liverpool. Surprise surprise! Never thought he'd be dumb enough to leave for Chelski after what happened at Anfield.

In the end, congratulations once again to ALL liverpool supporters and all those nuetrals who favored liverpool and have left messages on my blog - Thank you for your generous support. Liverpool fans are special, and that fact was ackowledged by all sports writers after watching them blow the roof off Anfield. Here's a collection of whats been said in the press:
Mama, We're All Famous Now

More News from Anfield
06/05/05 : Houllier thrilled with Reds CL run
05/05/05 : Rafa: I want to be a Red for the next 20 years
05/05/05 : Hyypia's delight at final chance
05/05/05 : Finnan happy to be a Euro underdog
05/05/05 : Liverpool V Aston Villa Sold Out
05/05/05 : Ancelotti confident of Milan success in Istanbul
05/05/05 : Baros: It should at least have been a penalty
05/05/05 : Riise: I'd have retired if Eidur had scored

Gerrard plans Liverpool talks
Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard has given the first positive public hint that he sees his future at Anfield after a year-long campaign of speculation and rumour that he is heading to Chelsea this summer.

Rafa hailed as world's best
Rafael Benitez has been hailed as the world's greatest manager by the men he has turned into Liverpool legends.

BREAKING NEWS 'Hypocritical' FA Now Go Mute
The FA are refusing to comment after apparently being shown to be hypocrites in the row over CL eligibility. Having stated that Pool wouldn't qualify even as winners, it's been pointed out that last year the FA said: "Should Arsenal or Chelsea win the CL, they will automatically qualify next season"

Watch this space - as I'll be putting up a Gallery of some more of the most memorable images from that famous night at Anfield. (including Riise in his underpants - still don't know what the fuck that was about but it has proved to be great for caption contests)

Guess who the pope would've prayed for had he been alive?

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

This is ANFIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you walk through a storm
hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm is a golden sky

And the sweet silver song of a lark.
Walk on through the wind,
Walk on through the rain,
Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown.

Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone,
You'll never, ever walk alone.
Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart

And you'll never walk alone,
You'll never, ever walk alone.

Imagine 45,000+ people singing this on top of their lungs. Now tune into ART Sports if you're in Dubai, ESPN/STAR/Fox/Sky if you're anywhere else at 19:45 UK time, and watch a live demonstration of how the FANS can win a game for their team. It won't be Chelsea's 11 against Liverpool's 11 tonight. 'Chelsea won't know whats hit them' - Steven Gerrard.

You'll Never Walk Alone!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Babe of the Day - Elisha Cuthbert

Animated GIF of the day

Popbitch: revelation of the day

When Maradona played for Napoli he would
always arrive back from Argentina carrying
two footballs, which he would hold up as he
got off the plane, for a big photo session.
Each ball contained a kilo of cocaine.

Lesbian Couple banned from eaterie

A Swedish restaurant has been fined for kicking out a lesbian couple.

Manager Aziz Cakir had asked the pair to leave after they were spotted canoodling. He denied the eaterie was discrmininating against gays or lesbians and insisted he would have asked anyone who was kissing on his premisis to leave.

A group of males sitting in the restaurant went absolutely mental and smashed the place to bits before torching it in protest.

Okay I made up the last bit but it would've been well deserved.

Kilt prompts prom ban

Coldplay's slow-burning success

Coldplay have become the second British band to have a new entry in the US Top 10 singles chart - a feat only previously managed by The Beatles.

In under a decade, Coldplay have become one of the UK's biggest bands and have successfully done what most other British acts fail to do - crack America.

The foursome came together during their first week at University College London in the mid-90s. Singer Chris Martin began writing songs with guitarist Jonny Buckland, joined by Guy Berryman on bass. More...

Chelski buy the Premiership Title, for £250 million

There are 3 type of guys.

1 - The ones who have class and style, who attract nice women, date them or take them out and then screw their brains out. They always get the best share of women.

2 - The ones who don't have what it takes to do the above so and have never had a taste of pussy so they sulk and sulk and wank all day until they find a few quid and the first thing they do is, find a brothel, pay some auld slag for a few hours of her time and get it. And they've got a big grin on their face now cuz they think they're right up there with the big boys, see no.1.

3 - The ones who have never had a taste of it, didn't ever find some spare cash lying around either but they see no2 doing what he's done and they feel jealous. They'd do the exact same thing if they were in that place.

We had the above three types in the Premiership this season.

1 - The big boys, the one's who've had success and know what success means, Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal, didn't really get anywhere.

2 - Chelsea, who've never won anything since so long ago that it probably doesn't even count anymore (50 years), were 'lucky' enough to be chosen by a dodgy Russian businessman who 'invested' 250 million since his arrival (Thats almost how much Liverpool and Man U spent in the last decade) so his (now) Chelski can go and have a taste of the pussy. Sorry, I meant the Title.

3 - The Nuetrals who say that there's nothing wrong with that and that Chelski deserved it. They'll be the third type, from teams who haven't really ever had serious success and they'd love to be in Chelski's position.

Welldone Chelski - You can shag as many hookers as you like but you'll never know what its like to shag 'normal' women.

Coverage from THE SUN

Gerrard's amazing strike closes the gap slightly

Liverpool wasted another chance of getting even closer to Everton on the table yesterday by
dropping 2 points against Boro. Our aspirations of achieving a top four finish in this season's Premiership just about remain alive with the gap now 3 points and Everton having a game in hand.

To have ANY chance of reaching fourth, we MUST win our last two games against the Arse and Villa, and then hope that Everton only manage a win and a draw from their last three games, which are Newcastle, Arsenal and Bolton.

I just entered my predictions for the above games in BBC's
Premiership Predictor and guess what, it looks like we're a little better off than we were before this Saturday's games. Well ofcourse we'd be, since we're a point closer, but Fulham was a game which Everton were expected to win. Judging by their last night's performance, a draw at most, seems on the cards against Newcastle. They're more than unlikely to get anything out of Arsenal, and then they have Bolton in the last game.

We can do it. We'll need to win both games, against the Arse at Highbury and Villa at home. And then hope for the best.

Anywayz, here is Steven Gerrard's wonder goal (download 1.4mb) from yesterday's game against iddlesbrough. A few more of these on Tuesday and we're off to ISTANBUL!

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