Saturday, January 07, 2006

What a cracking game

S Howard
S Robinson
K Nicholls 53 (pen)
Sinama Pongolle
Sinama Pongolle
Alonso 3-5 from 65 yards!!!!

Oh and here's Stevie G and Alonso's post match interview, watch how Stevie nearly falls flat

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Best of 2005 - Part 1

A look at some of the most memorable posts of last year.

More of The Simpsons
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Yes but No but Yes but No
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LFC Issue Press Statement: Gerrard doesn't want to stay
Chelsea bid £32 million for Gerrard
Inside the mind of an Iraqi Suicide Bomber
American Traveller's Guide to Britain
Anonymous Comment
Anecdotes of Stupidity
Drumroll: Presenting the new gangsta
Gulag of our times
Shortest Books written by footballers
Keira Augustina
Excess All Areas
British Sunday Express Gongs for dubious distinctions
Everything happens for the best
Cl Final Goals in Gifs
Do da dudek
Oasis Pays Glowing Tribute to Reds
Welcome home Big Ears, we've missed you.
Champions of Europe!
Touching down in Turkey
Understanding Women
F365 Liverpool Season Review (Pre-Milan)
Famous Sex Quotes
If Women Ruled the World
Things to do in a public restroom
Vile Jokes
Chelski Buy Premiership for £250 million
Reds knock out chelski in the CL Semi
Stupid Questionnaire thingy
0-0 - First Leg of the CL Semi
Why Men Have it Better
Lern Yerself Scouse
30 things learnt from watching porn
Ali G's Bible and The Ten Commandments
Why British Teachers Die Young
Guns v Women
Bart Simpsons Chalkboard Sentences
You'll Never Walk Alone - Juve Beaten
Gender Specific Dictionary
Israeli Soldiers shoot dead three palestenian teenagers
Nothing else matters tonight
If Americans Knew
Out of the Mouth of Babes
Whats my age again? Turning 23
100 worst songs of the past 15 years
Ten things I've done you probably haven't
Gerrard reflects on Cup agony
Baros - I didn't threaten to walk out
101 Facts about moi
Democracy: American Style
Growing hostility towards Israel in Europe
Knocked out of the FA Cup by Burnley

Some Peter Crouch Facts!

On the first day God created Crouch. On the second day God created Mania. On the third day Crouchamania ran wild on God.

Peter Crouch doesn't go to the toilet. The toilet goes to him.

The only question Peter Crouch has ever asked is 'Whatchyagonnado?'

Peter Crouch does not jog. He runs wild.

At the end of a day, Peter Crouch does not take his shirt off - he tears it off. Peter Crouch has never worn the same shirt twice.

The only time Peter Crouch has ever taken a bath is when he took one outside to give it the Legdrop of Doom.

Whoever Peter Crouch is dating on Valentine's Day receives the same poem, 'Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'm running wild, Whatchyagonnado?'

Peter Crouch never says 'pardon' or 'can you repeat that again please?'. He simply cups his hand to his ear until he hears whatever it is he has to hear.

Peter Crouch once wrote a two-hour English essay paper using just the words 'dude' and 'brotha'. He scored 93%.

He then used the exact same essay for a French exam. He scored 97%.

Peter Crouch does not make love. He runs wild.

This one time Peter Crouch entered a maze, and went on 'a mazy'. The maze gave up first.

Every girl Peter Crouch has ever been with claims he has a good touch for a big guy...

... and Peter Crouch has given every one of them the big boot... quickly followed by the Legdrop of Doom.

If you do not refer to Peter Crouch's arms as 'pythons', it is quite simply the last thing you will ever do.

When she was pregnant, Peter Crouch's mum did not feel her baby kicking - just the big boot. Mrs Crouch still gets bad wind today.

Peter Crouch did not turn down a starring role in 'Star Wars' because of wage-demands. It was because George Lucas would not allow Darth Vader to give Obi-Wan the Legdrop of Doom.

Peter Crouch does not pass water. He takes it on his chest, holds it up, then passes water.

There are seven Wonders of the World, each of whom one day hopes to meet Peter Crouch.

Upon hearing the news that Peter Crouch was in the studio audience, three Government ministers refused to go on Question Time in case they were asked 'Whatchyagonnado?'

Peter Crouch once bumped into Chuck Norris at an airport. Norris responded with a roundhouse kick. Crouch shrugged, got on his plane, went back to Liverpool, then gave Chuck Norris the big boot. Chuck Norris has not been seen or heard from since.

Peter Crouch once won a game of chess with just three pieces left when his rook started 'hulking up'. Peter Crouch does not know - or care - how to play chess.

Peter Crouch does not walk into a building unless accompanied by the theme tune to 'Real American'.

Peter Crouch did not lose his virginity - he simply threw it away when he had no use for it anymore.

The founders of Spain chose red and yellow as their national colours in the hope that one day Peter Crouch would want to play for their football team.

Peter Crouch bodyslams Hope on a daily basis.

Peter Crouch cannot walk down the street without clotheslining at least five innocents. He subsequently receives at least five apologies for 'python disturbance'.

Traffic delays don't just happen - they happen because Peter Crouch is there, and Crouch can hold up anything.

Peter Crouch does not get erect - he hulks up. Scientists now believe that this, and not America, is the planet's greatest threat to climate change.

Peter Crouch once held an eight-hour argument with his English teacher, who claimed that 'Whatchyagonnado' was a six-word sentence. The argument finished with the school's headteacher under a broken classroom table due to a Legdrop of Doom.

The missing dialogue at the end of 'Lost in Translation' saw Bill Murray's character whispering to Scarlett Johansson's, "Yes it's true babe - I am indeed a Crouchamaniac.

Penalties World Cup 06


As is alls as is to knows, Kyrgyzstan is the very great fans of the footballs. Is havings the manys greatest teams as such as Dynamo Bishkek and Spartak Zmut. But is also is known as to all be for the fans of Greatest of teams in World - MANSCHEST UNITS!!! Is THE DWARF as the largest of fans of Manschest Units in Kyrgyzstan and is always fan of Manschest Units (as is also knowns as ManUre) since is start to wins games in 1993.

Visit this hilarious fan site from Kyrgyzstan

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Link of the Day

If you like women, you'll like 4allFun. Checkout these galleries from my new link-buddy.

Lenka Gaborova

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Separated at birth?

The Coolest Dude of The Year

Bit embarassing that I actually remember some of the words to this.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Babe of the Year 2005 - Face of an angel

Adriana Lima led the polls throught the 30th and earlier on the 31st but the lady who's finished on TOP of the BABE OF THE YEAR Polls is the heavenly, Alessandra Ambrosio. Perfection, personified.

Name : Alessandra Ambrosio
Birth Date : April 11, 1981
Birth Place : Erexim, Brazil
Height : 5' 9
Eyes : Brown
Occupation : Model
Agency : Marilyn Gaultier

Alessandra Ambrosio was born in Erexim, Brazil, on the 11th of April, 1981. Her modeling career started when she decided to take modeling lessons in Brazil. The course led to her participation in Elite's Look of the Year contest in 1996, which eventually led to her contract with Elite Model Management. When Guess? got hold of Alessandra's shots, the clothing line signed her to the advertising campaign. The company that launched the careers of Estelle Hallyday and Laetitia Casta can add Alessandra to their long list of modeling debutantes.

Alessandra is more than a Guess? girl. She has graced the covers of magazines such as Capricho, Desfile, Elle (Brazil), Wallpaper, and Harper's Bazaar (Spanish).

As for fashion shows, Alessandra has walked the catwalks for designers such as Laura Biagiotti, Christian Lacroix, Byblos, Fendi, Issey Miyake, Kenzo, Christian Dior, Nicole Miller, and Oscar de la Renta, among others.

Guess? wasn't the only company to see Alessandra's beauty. She also has contracts with Revlon cosmetics, Gap (as of late), and is set to appear in advertisements for Calvin Klein eyewear and Giorgio Armani.
Continue reading Aless's profile

Alessandra Ambrosio Photo Gallery I
Alessandra Ambrosio Photo Gallery V

Final Standings
1. Alessandra Ambrosio - 17.8% - 69 votes
2. Adriana Lima - 17.6% - 68 votes
3. Elisha Cuthbert - 11.6% - 45 votes
4. Jessica Simpson - 9.6% - 37 votes
5. Cheryl Tweedy - 8.8% - 34 votes
6. Eva Mendes - 8.5% - 33 votes
7. Lucy Pinder - 8.3% - 32 votes
8. Aishwarya Rai - 7.5% - 29 votes
9. Jennifer Ellison - 6.5% - 25 votes
10. Lindsay Lohan - 3.9% - 15 votes

Total Votes: 387
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