Saturday, June 19, 2004

My very own coconut man


Heres the chat

took no more than 10 minuts i swear


mizzunderstood365: i'd love that
m1958_howudoin: hello
mizzunderstood365: hiya
m1958_howudoin: u live in London?
mizzunderstood365: yes hun
mizzunderstood365: u?
m1958_howudoin: no. just visiting overnight for a meeting in the centre on Mon morning
mizzunderstood365: oh right
mizzunderstood365: where r u from then
m1958_howudoin: west yorkshire
m1958_howudoin: very nice profile pic
mizzunderstood365: not bad
mizzunderstood365: thanks babe im nicer in real by the way
mizzunderstood365: lol
mizzunderstood365: what do u do ?
mizzunderstood365: im sorry whats ur name? I'm sasha
m1958_howudoin: I'm Andrew
m1958_howudoin: I am a building surveyor. what do u do?
mizzunderstood365: I'm a student in London
mizzunderstood365: been here 2 years now
m1958_howudoin: what r u studying?
mizzunderstood365: originally from Charlotte, NC
mizzunderstood365: Media communications
m1958_howudoin: a smart young lady I see
mizzunderstood365: so andrew what do you look like then?
mizzunderstood365: do you have a pic of yourself?
m1958_howudoin: two heads, three arms, five eyes - u know, the usual gnome lol
mizzunderstood365: lol
m1958_howudoin: let me find a pic for u.
mizzunderstood365: great
mizzunderstood365: thx babe
mizzunderstood365: how old r u by the way?
m1958_howudoin: 46
mizzunderstood365: single?
m1958_howudoin: no. am married
mizzunderstood365: 46......... building surveyor.....u must be loaded!?
mizzunderstood365: married and looking, i see
mizzunderstood365: not that i mind lol
m1958_howudoin: lol
mizzunderstood365: says ur behind a firewall?
m1958_howudoin: I have just got broadband and it has some sort of firewall I havent mastered yet
mizzunderstood365: doesnt work
mizzunderstood365: try again babe?
m1958_howudoin: try that addy - I just uploaded it to there
m1958_howudoin: any luck?
mizzunderstood365: nope
mizzunderstood365: nothing comin up
m1958_howudoin: ok, I'll try again. may I add u coz I am gonna have to reload yahoo coz it has frozen - I am typing and cutting/pasting from notebook
mizzunderstood365: brb just a sec
m1958_howudoin: ok
mizzunderstood365: can u mail it to me?
m1958_howudoin: yes . wots your address
m1958_howudoin: email address of course lol
mizzunderstood365: lol sorry i was on the fone
mizzunderstood365: dont ask lol
mizzunderstood365: my ex created that for me
m1958_howudoin: ok. hold on a min or two while I send (wasnt gonna say a thing lol)
mizzunderstood365: lol
m1958_howudoin: sent - from snakesalive46
mizzunderstood365: wait
mizzunderstood365: how do i know thats really u
m1958_howudoin: ok - if I am not your taste, please say
mizzunderstood365: u got a cam right now babe?
m1958_howudoin: lol - I could also say that about u lol. no, cam wouldnt be good as wife wud wonder what I was doing lol
mizzunderstood365: lol not even a digital camera right now? i wanna see wot u look like right now
m1958_howudoin: if she goes to another part of the house I could briefly cam tho
mizzunderstood365: is she in the same room?
m1958_howudoin: I could sort out a pic now - yes
mizzunderstood365: iv got more pics so u dont need to worry about me hun
m1958_howudoin: its a big room
mizzunderstood365: they'r a bit explicit so u'll have to be on ur own to look at em
mizzunderstood365: lol
m1958_howudoin: ok. let me see plz
mizzunderstood365: ok i need to know its taken right now so hold up a sign with like......
mizzunderstood365: something on it
mizzunderstood365: actually
mizzunderstood365: write I'm Coconut man and hold it up
mizzunderstood365: and i promise i'll turn my cam on for you
m1958_howudoin: ok - will do
mizzunderstood365: by the way u look young for ur age babe
mizzunderstood365: or is it just the pic
m1958_howudoin: lol good question. thats about 2yrs old I think - I just wear well lol
mizzunderstood365: lol i always like a man with class
m1958_howudoin: may I add you coz I had better turn yahoo off while I do the pic in case 'eyes' go to the puter while I am away
mizzunderstood365: sure babe
mizzunderstood365: remember to hold up that sign
mizzunderstood365: I'm coconut man
m1958_howudoin : so, Coconutman huh? I'll be gone a short while
mizzunderstood365: thats it babe
m1958_howudoin : see you in a 5-10mins. bye for now xx
mizzunderstood365: ok hun i'll be waiting
mizzunderstood365: u back hun?
m1958_howudoin : just
m1958_howudoin : just sent my coconut pic
mizzunderstood365: I'll check baby
m1958_howudoin : okie dokie
m1958_howudoin : looks like I have a double chin - tried to get at arms length lol
mizzunderstood365: lol wait
m1958_howudoin : ok
mizzunderstood365: aww thats perfect
m1958_howudoin : even with the stuble huh? lol
mizzunderstood365: whats your number
mizzunderstood365: what time will u be here
mizzunderstood365: tomorrow
m1958_howudoin : the train gets to KX at about 15.30 I think - I will look in a few mins. so I will be at the St Giles Hotel a wee while after that
mizzunderstood365: I can't tell u how excited i am now
mizzunderstood365: im gettin wet
m1958_howudoin :
m1958_howudoin : how about turning your cam on plz
mizzunderstood365: wait
m1958_howudoin : ok
mizzunderstood365: just a sec babe

OH god I feel Terrible now
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