Saturday, September 16, 2006

Babe of the Day: Adrianne Curry

Words, fail me.

Expect the recent 3-0 to come in a deluxe three-disc format.

With a bonus disc of the 1-1 draw with Blackburn

Buy it here

Metarazzi Training - Zidane Spoof

Jessica Simpsons boobs look yummy in these

Beyonce See Thru Dress Pics

Video of the Day: Crazy Dancing

Other Terms for Having a Poo

  • Dropping the kids off at the pool.
  • Logging out.
  • Lighting a bum cigar.
  • Giving birth to a still born otter.
  • Dropping anchor.
  • Laying cable.
  • Releasing a brown trout back into the wild.
  • To release a chocolate hostage.
  • Going for an eartha.
  • Liberating Richard the turd.
  • Taking the Cleveland Browns to the Super Bowl.
  • Laying a bum egg.
  • Getting a load off your mind.

Did you know...

...Rio ferdinand and Ole Solskjear are both Liverpools fans. Ole Gunnar is still a member of the Official Liverpool Fan Club. At his mums house, his bedroom has posters of Jan Molby and King Kenny in the Crown Paints kits. Here's a list of some other famous Liverpool Fans.

Funny Recreations

To celebrate a brilliant generation of British comedy talent, The Guardian asked the best names in the business - from Ricky Gervais to Russell Brand - to recreate a few famous images. Why? We just thought it would be funny.
But you may never look at Johnny Vegas the same again ...


'Three-In-Four Women Cheat On Hen Night'

Almost three-in-four women admit cheating on their future husband at their hen parties, according to a new survey.

Boozed-up brides-to-be to be let down more than just their hair as they frolic with any fella they can grab on that final night of freedom, the poll found.

The flirty floozies are taking a leaf out of men's books with riotous evenings in which almost anything goes, according to the survey by Lambrini of more than 3,000 women.

A surprising 73 per cent of newly weds say they have kissed another man on their hen do, and two-thirds of women do not see it as being unfaithful (65 per cent).

Shockingly, 42 per cent of women said that they had snogged more than two men at their bash, with 57 per cent agreeing there is no need to tell prospective partners about their saucy fun.

Almost half said they would be disappointed if they did not pull at least one bloke, and 82 per cent dress in order to attract male attention on their hen night.

Body language expert Flic Everett said: "Women have become increasingly liberated and the planning and creativity which goes into hen parties these days is further evidence that women are now doing everything that men do, including having some fun on their last night of freedom.

"Just like holidays, hen parties give people a false sense of reality which is why many women loose their inhibitions and act a way which is normally unacceptable.

"A bit of a flirt is fine, but women who cross the line should think about how they would feel if their future husbands were doing the same!"

A Lambrini spokeswoman said: "Hen parties have become big business with many hens going on several nights out before the big day.

"This survey shows that many women enjoy a flirt on their hen dos, but clearly kissing is not considered cheating for most women."

Suicide Bombings and Islam

An interesting collection of Hadith and Ayahs from the Quran, declaring Suicide in whatever shape or form, as forbidden and whoever commits suicide for whatever reason, will never come close to heaven. Blows up the 72 virgins theory eh? (No pun intended)

Top 25 Simpsons Guest Appearances

Best named cop in America

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Watch the game live

Thanks to the F365 Forummers



Two websites
1) (tried it and works perfectly)
2) (haven't tried it)

The wait is over!

Here's a picture of Me in the shower

CL Day 1 Roundup

Dirk Kuyt and Craig Bellamy will be given the opportunity to unleash their derby frustration on PSV Eindhoven tonight.

The £15m strike duo will be paired in Holland, as the Reds seek an instant return to form in their opening Champions League group tie.

Neither player started at Goodison on Saturday, and Rafa Benitez was forced to shrug off ridiculous rumours of a bust-up with Bellamy following the Welshman's absence from the squad.
Now the pair, who many presume will be established as the preferred choice as the season progresses, will start together for the first time.

Kuyt is hoping to reap the rewards from appearing on familiar territory.

He's scored three in his last two appearances against PSV, and also scored at the Philips Stadion for Holland last week.

"Dirk is ready to play, and maybe he and Craig will start," Benitez said. "But we will decide the team later today."

Kuyt says the players are grateful for an early opportunity to bounce back from their weekend disappointment.

"We want to put in a good performance for the first Champions League game, but it's also very important to get a good result after what happened on Saturday," he said.

"We have a feeling of revenge. It's really disappointing to lose a derby. It was my first derby for Liverpool, and when you lose it's not funny.

"It's good when you have another game a few days later. Winning would give us a better feeling."

Naturally, Kuyt is expecting to make his first start for Liverpool in his homeland.

He said: "As a player, you must always assume you will be playing in an important match and be ready."

Meanwhile, its desparate times at Stamford Bridge when they have to advertise in the Metro to sell their tickets for a HOME CL game.

Here are some of their previous efforts:

Shevchenko a boyhood red?

'Shevchenko still reflects starry-eyed about his boyhood hero: "I treasured those boots (given to him by Ian Rush) for years. It meant such a lot because everyone in Ukraine knew about Ian Rush, the legendary Liverpool player," he said.

"Funnily enough, the boots were too small for me but I still tried to play in them - until my big toes poked through. I even tried to cover up the holes because I wasn't able to buy new boots as nice as them. It would be great to think now Ian Rush is watching to see how I've developed since back then." '

Monday, September 11, 2006

Babe of the Day: Alessandra Ambrosio

Must-Visit Link of the Day: Painful!

Liz Hurley: Hot at 41!

99 problems but a BJ ain't one

Is that Beyonce giving Jay Z some oral loving in the pool? Looks like it!



Send in by Marco Pereira

The views expressed in the post below are purely my own and are not intended to offend. If you're still offended by something you read on here, go somewhere else. Ta.

As I queued up to pay for the new pair of shoes I'd just tried on, there were 2 elderly ladies ahead of me and the girl at the counter had disappeared into the backroom. She did appear, a few minutes later with a rather worried look on her face.

'A plane has crashed into the Empire State Building', she told them two old hags who started panicking as if the plane had infact struck the Treaty Center in Hounslow which is where we were. And it won't be surprising either as so many of them fly low above hounslow preparing to land at Heathrow.

Anyways, I paid for the shoes and got back to our store (Phones 4U, Hounslow) and told Chris, my manager what I'd heard. Since we only had restricted internet access, Chet, a colleague of mine, had to log on the Yahoo WAP site through his mobile phone and click on the 'Breaking News' bit.

'Its not the Empire State Building, its one of the two World Trade towers' he informed us. We talked about it for a couple of minutes wondering if it was a woman flying the jet / feeling sorry for those who must've died before we got back to work.

'Fuckin hell now another one's smashed into the other tower', shouted Chet, ignoring the customers on the shopfloor completely. Thats when I first realised that we may just be witnessing something on a massive scale. By the time the towers fell, everyone was numb and nothing would've surprised us anymore.

It wasn't until later that day when I got home that I actually saw the Twin Towers coming down on the telly. What a spectacular sight. Spectacular, not in a good way, but in a scary sort of way. Spectacular in the sense that nothing you'd ever have seen in Hollywood would surpass what the world saw that day. But more than that it was the sense that this is just the start of something massive. The first strike. Quite a few pants were shitted into.

I tried to get in touch with my then girlfriend, Alina, but the phone lines were jammed. Infact they remained jammed for the next couple of days, a period of utter frustration, panick as I tried everything I could, calling her friends, relatives, whoever I knew basically. (She survived, only just)

5 years on from that day and looking back at whats going on in the world right now, it certainly isn't a happy picture. Yes, Bush's policies may have succeeded in ensuring a similar attack hasn't taken place on US soil since 9/11, but just one glance at the home page of any news site would confirm that nowhere in the world is safe anymore. Terrorists have struck in Spain, London, Bali and all around the world, mainly attacking American interests but also those who have supported what is increasingly seen as US agression.

I'm not one of those who believe 'they hate our freedoms and strippers etc' - Aside from the fact that nobody hates strippers, there are stronger emotions at work here.

The decades of British and American intervention in the oil-rich Middle East hasn't helped. America's presence in Saudi Arabia (to safeguard their oil interests), their support of Israel's state terrorism and the abandonment of the 'Mujahideen' in Afghanistan at the end of the cold war are three of the biggest contributers to the Anti-american fire that sweeps the middle east and that resulted in the attacks on the WTC.

All of the reasons still exist. Both the US and UK failed to stop the murder of a large number of civilians in what most of the neutral world sees as Israel's disproportionate response to Hizbullah's capture of two IDF soldiers. Afghanistan has been abandoned again and the Taleban are returning. Iraq is at the brink of Civil war. Kashmiris have had their legitimate freedom struggle labelled as 'terrorism'. Innocent people die everywhere in the world in terrorist attacks on a daily basis.

A change in the US foreign policy may not change the aims of the hardcore extremists targetting world domination, but it will almost certainly stop creating new terrorists. How, you ask? Those muslims who may now sympathise with Al Qaeda types and are prone to extremism, will no longer have any reason to do so once they see that their greivances are being addressed and their conflicts, resolved in a just and fair manner. Al Qaeda's recruitment base will vanish. America is no longer the 'Great Satan', they will say. 'Look how they helped resolve the Palestenian issue! There's now two independent states living side by side in peace, all thanks to the US! Why hate them anymore?'

America, you have a role to play and it comes with being the only superpower in the world.

The murders need to stop, whether its jews, christians, muslims, scientologists, gayers, or midgets.

What Bush Should Have Said

An alternative speech for a president seeking support on Iraq

'I want to tell you something I've never acknowledged: the U.N. inspection regime that was forced on Saddam Hussein in 2002 was working. We should have had more patience with it and supported it more fully. In the end, it would have revealed what we now know: that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. That revelation would have destroyed the dictator's credibility. His brutal regime might have toppled from within. At the very least, his power would have been severely compromised. But—impatient again—we rushed to war, without sufficient preparation and sufficient allies.'
TIME: Exclusive - Joe Klein

What do you think has changed since 9/11?

Apart from the New York skyline, ofcourse?

  • You can't take knives of any size onto planes
  • I'm about 2 stones heavier
  • Bush is no longer friends with the Bin Laden family
  • Airport check in times.
  • Everton won a derby.
  • My underpants.......................... once

What else then?

Scary Clowns

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Reina hasn't been great since then, yeah. Really starting to doubt him now and we've got Dudek just sitting on the bench looking bored.

I wonder how long until Reina gets dropped? Wasn't Dudek dropped for much less?

So then:

- Only if Rafa had listened to me, the left side was so weak with Garcia and Aurelio. I breathed a sigh of relief when i saw that Arteta was on the Everton's left but when he switched to their right we just got battered.

- Carragher shouldn't have started, Agger should have. Carragher wasn't fit and Rafa showed he didn't trust Agger enough in this game which is a shame.

- Bellamy and Kuyt should have started up front, both of them are insanse fitness freaks and would have been fine after international games. Also both of them would have been really up for it. Fowler looked unfit and Crouch looked tired and neither had a great effect on the game.

- Alonso wasn't that bad, I think it was an improvement on his last few games actually.

- Garcia has nice new hair and cut inside alright but apart from that he showed just why he shouldn't be on the wings.

- Riise's ankle.

- Cahill pinning Alonso for the second goal was just rude. The w*nker with his sh*tty celebration.

- Poll missed 2 pens but apart from that his overall performance wasn't that bad as their were a lot of decisions to make. We should have had at least one.
[Match Review by Social Retard]
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