Saturday, August 26, 2006

Liverpool 2-1 West Ham

A much, much better performance I thought, after watching the match with chinese commentary on an internet stream.

Agger was immense!!! Deserved the MOTM for his goal alone. A goal of the month contender and definately a season top 10 goal.
Watch it here.

Good selection i thought including Kuyt as he came on and made us look like scoring although he was only on for 40 mins and put in a better solid performance than Cisse did all last season. His link up play was excellent and if he keeps playing like that he's going to be a legend. I can see why the Feyenoord fans loved him so much.

Honourable mentions go to Hyypia, Gonzalez and Crouch who all played well today.

Just not quite clicking for Bellamy yet, give it a bit of time. I hope he gets his first goal soon though; don't want another Crouch scenario.

We also have so much speed up front now (pennant, bellamy and gonzalez), it seems as if we haven't learnt how to play with it yet. I expect big things in 2/3 weeks time.


Today marks the 100th anniversary of the world's most famous terrace and to celebrate, takes a nostalgic trawl through the archives to recall the magical history of Anfield's Spion Kop...

The most impressive occasion the new seated Kop has experienced is without doubt the night Chelsea were frightened into submission by a deafening wall of sound in the 2005 Champions League semi-final. The numbers may not have been has great as in the halcyon days of the Sixties and Seventies but even the old-timers among the crowd that night admitted the Kop had never been louder. MORE

Match report from the F365 Official Liverpool Thread and GIF courtsey of Slappybag! GOALS thanks to KC

Thursday, August 24, 2006

No I aint dead just yet

Alright everyone. Apologies for being AWOL - was ill for a couple of days and travelling on others, and I hope you've all been behaving!

So lets talk football then. A mixed sort of start to the season its been...

First of the lot was: COMMUNITY SHIELD

Crouch having to.. er.. crouch to get in the pic

The expression on Terry's face is class, looks like he's spotted Carra's bro in the crowd

And then we had the DIRK KUYT SIGNING

Now, admittedly I don't know much about Kuyt, only saw him playing in the World cup where he was largely unimpressive... However there's a lot of people saying a lot of good things about this fella that he is the 20-goals-a-season striker we'd been looking for - Has a fantastic record back home in Holland, however I do hope he's more of a Van Nistelrooy than Kezman. Here's his
Official Site

Predictions for the Season

Yes, we've had a bit of a frustrating start but to me, the results against Chelsea in the Community Shield and against Maccabi Haifa proves one thing - We can grind out the results in tough games. Its a sign of a really good team that wins even when it plays badly (We weren't too impressinve in both the CL legs) and you would expect it to take atleast a couple of games before the new players can gel in with the team.

In the game against Sheffield Utd and in the 2nd leg against Haifa, we were unlucky to lose players due to injuries which always f*cks up the manager's plans somewhat. And I think its a positive sign and goes to show Rafa's faith in his new signings that he's played Gonzalez, Pennant, Bellamy, Agger, and Aurelio in the side while keeping some of the more experienced options on the bench. It is a long season and I can see what Rafa is trying to do here - get the noobs up and running by the time the premiership table starts taking shape which normally is around the 4th - 5th week.

Aurelio looks solid, Agger looks like he's gonna be with us for years to come, Mark Gonzalez has so far lived up to his reputation and looks electric, and both Pennant and Bellamy have also made telling contributions in the little time they've had so far on the field.

All in all its shaping up to be a season where we could, after 17 long years, have our first league championship this side of the millennium.

Here's my top 4:

1. Chelsea/Liverpool
2. Liverpool/Chelsea
3. Man Utd
4. Arse/Spuds

Beatbox Aussie

Babe of the Day: Holly Valance

Holly Valance Pics
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Holly Valance Official Blog

and here's the biggie

Holly Valance in Action... NEKKID ACTION!


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The Good Girl

Porn from a woman's point of view HE still blows on her face at the end though

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One for the ladies...

You know you're a Chelski fan when... watch every Chelsea game, home or away on tele. have to be taken into hospital with severe shock when you find a football magazine pre-dating 2002. just repeat ad nauseum whatever bollox excuse your manager came out with when he had a bad result. think John Terry and Frank Lampard are world class.
...a season ticket means a subscription to SKY. dont know who Zola is
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Roman squanders and the game is being ruined

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