Monday, January 22, 2007

Babe of the Day: Jessica Biel

Premiership Manager Spotted on King's Road

Meanwhile back at Anfield

'Keep working hard Stevie and one day you'll be a legend like those two'


He's Big, He's Red, His Feet Stick Out The Bed...

The first three are real pics. And here's Crouch taking a dump on Essien's head

Jessica's breasts are a disability

Jessica Simpson's life is full of problems, and one, or rather two of the biggest problems used to be Jessica Simpson's breasts. According to PR Inside, the busty singer says that her breasts kept her from becoming a gospel singer when she was younger because they made her look too sexy. More (including pictures)

Bye Bye Mourinho

Great result at Anfield on Sat. I aint gonna go too much into it as you've probably read the match / player reviews but I thought the tactics were spot on. Was a bit apprehensive when I saw Crouchy in the starting lineup and Bellers on the bench, but once I'd seen Chelsea's lineup (the ommission of Carvalho due to a runny nose) I knew it was masterstroke. Even Mourinho admitted after the game that 'Crouch was too tall for us and Kuyt was too strong'. Also I thought Aurelio was excellent at left back and by playing Riise on the left of midfield Rafa ensured he won't be found out of position as he is when playing LB. Hope they continue in these positions for now.

Gerrard was good, but Carragher, again, was the our rock. Alongwith Stevie Finnan.

The singing at the stadium was good, with the Bye Bye Mourinho and Rafa's the Special One chants. And ofcourse the chelsea fans adding to the atmosphere with their highly original, and witty, 'Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea'

Quote of the Day comes from Rafa.

Journo: Were you confident after you looked at Chelsea's team sheet
Rafa: I was confident after I looked at my team sheat

I will be posting a list of some of the most memorable, and funniest quotes from Rafa, sometime tomorrow so watch this space.

Best Moments

- The goals, obviously. Happy for Pennant who scored while the entire Chelsea defence stood and watched his ball control, completely in awe.
- Xabi-hard-as-nails-Alonso with a pint of blood flowing across his face.
- Robben walking away after being clipped on his heels, the sissy.
- Riise's shot from the car park that almost broke the cross bar.
- Mourinho making a point by ignoring Sheva while shaking hands with the rest of his squad. Europe's best striker of the past ten years has been reduced to this.

Peter Cech

Enjoys his day out from the mental asylum
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