Thursday, December 01, 2005

Babe of the Day - Jennifer Ellison

This is probably Jennifer's 4th or 5th appearence in our Babes of the Day and doesn't she look better every time?

Man USA reveal yet another new sponsor!

Man of the Year Awards

Winner of this year's

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Sunderland 0 - 2 Liverpool

First half goals from Luis Garcia and Stevie G
fired Liverpool to the 4th spot. Xabi Alonso was the architect of both goals with his pixel perfect passes, while Cisse was dropped after he acted pissed off after being subsituted in the Man City game.

Look at the table above. Do you feel the need to pinch yourself?

All the talk in the papers about a crisis at Anfield and people calling for Benitez' head, we are now 4th in the league, 12 points behind the leaders with a game in hand, and 2 points behind Man Utd at no.2

Don't wanna get carried away here but the way Man Utd drops points, I reckon by the end of the season we'll be fighting for the 2nd spot with Arsenal. You read it here first!

Thats if Chelsea hang on to 1st.

Watch both goals from the Sunderland game

Fat Frank Lampard in Cross Dressing Shocker!

Bloody Ninjaz

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

how to...

Liverpool for 4th by the end of tonight?

Sunderland will be without on-loan Liverpool striker Anthony Le Tallec for the visit of the European Champions.

The France Under-21 international is ineligible so either Andy Gray or Chris Brown will stand in while Stephen Elliot is struggling with his back.

Liverpool still have doubts over the fitness of midfielder Xabi Alonso who has an ankle problem.

Luis Garcia should come back from a hip injury but Bolo Zenden faces a lenghty lay-off with a knee injury.

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez:

"This is a great opportunity to make up the difference in matches played, we must be in the top four.

"This is an important and a tough game, afterwards we are at home to Wigan and we could be in the top four by then. It is crucial that the team concentrate on this situation.

"We can then go to Japan for the World Club Championships thinking only of that trophy and not the league. Our confidence will be high if we can win the three league games before we go."

So, 'crisis' over?
by Paul Tomkins

Excuse me for not being surprised at the current good form. During the 'crisis' weeks earlier in the season, I was accused of being unreasonably positive when I claimed that things would pick up very quickly.

On October 26th, the club was under the darkest of clouds - if you believed the weathermen. Just over a month ago, the Reds had been beaten by Fulham and Crystal Palace.

I found no difficulty in remaining positive, just as I had through the great 'crisis' of January 2005, although it led to my inbox being filled with accusations of living on a different planet, and no shortage of ridicule.

Read the full article

Breaking News: Man U sign new shirt sponsor deal

Following on from last week when Vodafone decided to end their sponsorship deal with ManUSA, the Manchester club has just announced the identity of their new shirt sponsors.

However, rumors suggest there Man Utd did consider another sponsor before finalising on the first one.

The second shirt was submitted by one of our readers, Tĥë Mĩģĥŧŷ Ķōpĩţĕ aka. Azrey Gerrard

Keano's Goodbye Kiss

Theres no United player that Keano will miss more than Ruud Van Nistlerooy

Kelly Brook Topless

Joke of the Day

Q. What do you call a Serbian prostitute?

A. Sloberdown Mycockyoubitch.

A full meal

Little Gulrukh looks happy. She knows her parents have been worried about the depleting larder.

But now the family can sit down to a meal of chapattis, lentils and maybe some rice pudding.

What she does not know is how her poor family - with its house destroyed in the South Asian earthquake - suddenly got so much food.

BBC: In Pictures: Getting food to survivors

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Babe of The Day - Selma Hayek

Do checkout this
Excellent New Collection of Salma Hayek's High Resolution photos.

BadGirl's Hotbox

The Women of FIFA

18 Tricks to teach yer body

Next time you're at a party, try this trick: Have a person hold one arm straight out to the side, palm down, and instruct him to maintain this position. Then place two fingers on his wrist and push down. He'll resist. Now have him put one foot on a surface that's a half inch higher (a few magazines) and repeat. This time his arm will cave like the French. By misaligning his hips, you've offset his spine, says Rachel Cosgrove, C.S.C.S., co-owner of Results Fitness, in Santa Clarita, California. Your brain senses that the spine is vulnerable, so it shuts down the body's ability to resist.

Cool, no?

The other 17

Girls Kissing Girls

Why is it that girl on girl action is such a big turn on for guys? And if isn't for you, then you need to get your preferences looked at.

Almost every hot-blooded male's fantasy involves two birds makin out as you watch first, and then join in. While some of us are lucky enough to have that dream realised, others simply aren't that fortunate. But those that are, will tell you that the hype is well deserved.

Here's a cute little
video I picked up from The Badger's Bastion. Worth a look, defo.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

MSN Ownage (NWS)

Checkout this this hilarious video of this sad f*cker getting proper owned on the interweb

I felt it too

Okay so I'm sitting on me desk pretending to work, when I feel the sudden urge to blow me nose into a tissue, thanks to the flu I've had for the past coupladays, and as soon as I blew my nose I could feel my body starting to shake, very lightly, sideways...
At first I thought maybe I blew me nose too hard and its affected me brain. Until I saw my work colleagues all of them looking blankly at each other, wondering what had just happened.
Well, as it turns out, I just experienced my first ever earthquake.
No reports of any damage so far but there were people in the streets immediately afterwards as a few ambulances sped past.

'Several die' in south Iran quake

A powerful earthquake has hit southern Iran, destroying several villages and killing at least three people and injuring others, according to reports.

The 5.9-magnitude quake struck Qeshm island, home to 120,000 people, and the city of Bandar Abbas, state media said.

The governor of Qeshm island told the AFP news agency four villages had been destroyed and three people killed.

The quake, which struck at 1353 (1023 GMT), was felt in the neighbouring Gulf states of Oman and the UAE.

Iran sits in a volatile earthquake region, and is regularly struck by damaging quakes.

A 6.4-magnitude quake hit the town of Zarand in Kerman province in February, killing hundreds of people and injuring more than 1,400.

The ancient city of Bam was destroyed in December 2003 by a 6.7-strength earthquake that killed some 31,000 people. Source: BBC

Risse powers reds to yet another win

Another win, another 3 points means liverpool are closer to the top than they've ever been this season, and with crucial games in hand.

It wasn't a brilliant display by either side yesterday, however Liverpool did look in control and had a better second half.
Watch Riise's goal here

Time for another forced regime change in Iraq?

Or should there be one in the US of A?

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has said that human rights abuses in Iraq today are as bad as those during the rule of Saddam Hussein.

In an interview with the UK's Observer newspaper, Mr Allawi said that Iraqis were being tortured and killed by secret police in secret bunkers.

He said militias operated with impunity inside the interior ministry and had infiltrated the police.

He urged action to stop "a disease" spreading throughout the government.

The BBC's Chris Xia says Mr Allawi's comments appear to be aimed at setting the agenda for the forthcoming parliamentary elections.


"People are doing the same as (in) Saddam Hussein's time and worse," Mr Allawi told the newspaper.

"It is an appropriate comparison. People are remembering the days of Saddam.

"These were the precise reasons that we fought Saddam Hussein, and now we are seeing the same things."

His remarks came two weeks after US troops discovered 170 apparently abused captives in a secret prison inside an interior ministry building in Baghdad.

He said that if urgent action was not taken "the disease infecting [the interior ministry] will become contagious and spread to all ministries and structures of Iraq's government".

He also warned of the danger of Iraq disintegrating in chaos.

"Iraq is the centrepiece of this region," he said. "If things go wrong, neither Europe nor the United States will be safe."

Mr Allawi was Iraq's first interim prime minister, but he failed to win January's election which brought the current Prime Minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, to power.

He has since formed a coalition to contest next month's parliamentary elections.
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