Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Babe of the Day: Molly Sims

Talking Sex

Bad news for the lads

Latest Porno Titles

Charlie in my Chocolate Factory

The Constant Hardener

The Dykes of Hazzard

Miss Genitality 2: Armed and Flexible

Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. & Mrs. & Mrs. Smith

Star Whores: Revenge of the Sluts

Whore of the Worlds

got more?

Women are your friend

Worst Sequels Ever

Rap Lyrics: Translated

Johansson Tops FHM's 'Sexiest Women' Poll

The Fast and the Curious

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in "The Fast and the Curious", Coming out soon...

Never having soup again

Soup Facts
Old people eat soup. Old people are boring. Soup is boring. Therefore if you eat soup YOU are boring.

Cut out the middle man and give your tastebuds a well deserved holiday. Pour soup straight down the toilet. Be aware Soup makes a poor lavatory cleaner though.

Oxtail soup does not contain actual Ox Tails, but crushed lungs of cats. This gives a similar taste and consistency.

Packets of soup are a con, they generally contain sand, dead insects and ashes of dead pets.

Soup has been popular since the 18th Century. Back then ladies used to used it as a flavored douche to give their menfolk a treat.

Cold soups like Gaspacho are for people that are too idle to cook.

The word "Soup" is derived from the Afghan word "soop", which literally means "lumpy piss".

Contrary to popular folklore, you cannot put soup in a trap to catch mice, they prefer cheese.

In top restaurants, chefs wank off into soup it to make it more creamy, the better the restaurant, the more chef-wank in the soup.

Welsh people catch rainwater in a bucket and serve it as minestrone soup.

Italians use Parmesan cheese to disguise the fact that their soup tastes like hemorrhoids.

The soup Dragon, from the popular TV Series "The Clangers" used to fart in his soup to warm it up.

Drug addicts have been known to inject soup if Heroin isn't available. Fortunately the lumps of carrot block their arteries and they die.

My Death Space

MyDeathSpace.com details people with Myspace accounts that have died. Whilst it's very morbid I found it interesting.


Video: What It's Like To Win The Lottery

"For the second year in a row, Thad's friends planned a prank to make him think he won the lottery. They taped a previous night's lottery drawing and then bought a lottery ticket to match those winning numbers. They had him buy his own lottery tickets, then they swapped it out with the fake ticket. They played the pre-recorded drawing as Thad checked his numbers. If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to win the lottery, this gives you a pretty good idea..." [via]

Monday, March 27, 2006

Babe of the Day: The name is Bond

Possibly the funniest thing you'll see this year

Mark Gonzalez

WATCH him score this stunner from 40 yards out

Guarantee Her an Orgasm Every Time

British Men Show Were Their Loyalties Lie

British men show far more loyalty, commitment and self-sacrifice towards their favourite football team than towards their partners, a study published on Monday showed.

About 94% said they would never stop loving their team no matter how badly they fared while 52% would gladly ditch a relationship that was not going well, the survey of approximately 200 men across Britain found.
Continue reading...

Wanna piss people off?

Disclaimer: You can make these highly controversial statemets at parties, work, school, or wherever really, just don't blame me if you get twatted.

All homeless people should be rounded up and used for testing instead of animals.

All working class need to herded into ghettos only allowed out for their menial labour tasks

To Women: Can I please take photos of you frigging each other off to post on the internet.

Agree with bush on iraq, i always do that to piss people off

Cheese is made from Hamsters

Zidane is black

This countries problems would be sorted out if we reverted ro a dictatorship for 6 months, wiped out the pikeys/chavs and then reverted to democracy.

Hitler had a point...just went about it the wrong way, he should have started with the french.

Insist that fat people are without exception lazy and untrustworthy.

That women should not be employed in authoritive positions as they just leave to have kids when they cant be bothered working for a bit.

With regard to red haired women "Rusty roof - smelly cellar"

I say we invade Wales,dump the Welsh population into underground caves and then use the land to harvest Cocaine.

You know what Ian Huntley wanted for Christmas? Bit of Holly in his cell

I think that 20 years ago Peter Sutcliffe was just taking the piss

loads more here...

Pub Toilet Etiquette

You beauty!

Few days ago I posted this comparison what people in Sweden call women and what the Geordies have to deal with. Now, here are some absolute stunners from Aberdeen.

Too much VIAGRA killed the dictator

Top 25 Craziest Deaths

Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha, died at his residence in Abuja of a heart attack, rumored to have been caused by the ingestion of large quantities of the drug VIAGRA as a prelude to an orgy. (1998) [

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Getting older sucks

24 today.
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