Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pele tried it and failed, Beckham did it ONCE, Alonso's done it TWICE !!!

What a stunning goal!

For those who missed it, here it is...

Download Video

Watch: Another camera angle

Xabi Alonso Compilation, both long range efforts

Alonso v Luton, first goal

Alonso v Luton, Second goal

I guess this must be a world record when it comes to distance on 3 goals in a row for your club, I`m willing to bet my house on it.

And a bonus... Well worth seeing from the supporters' perspective, the
last goal in the greatest comeback in football...

One thing's for sure, whoever wrote the script's no Geordie. Only Harper's 32nd start in 13 years of football for a his club and he gets that one on a big televised game.

God's definitely a Red!

And here's Kuyt's first Goal in the red jersey, brilliant set up by Alonso again.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Gatecrashing Teh Wedding!

The Groom

The Bride

The Best Man

The Story

Emma Dodrill, the bride, sends the following email to presumable her now Husband. Fortunately for us, it lands into Terry Silver's inbox.

Not sure if either of you ever use these email addresses, but thought it was worth a shot...

They are reduced in quality to go on internet, actuals are much crisper and clearer. He has done a fab job, were really pleased with them.

Rosh - hope you enjoyed the wkend, email me soon. Heard you got your house, will look forward to the house warming !!!!!

PS. Will send yous over a few of us and Brian and Patricia in NYC too when we download them off camera...

See yas all soon!!! xxx.

Emma Dodrill

Being the wonderful chap that he is, Terry proceeds to post the entire contents of the email including the link to the Wedding photos, in an internet Forum.

The forummers, known for their creativity and twisted minds, have so far come up with the following beautiful efforts (click to enlarge):

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